2013 Karen Grimes Scholar Award

January marks the beginning of our 3rd annual Karen Grimes Scholar Award challenge program.

Welcome to the Karen Grimes Scholar Award!

The purpose of this award is to encourage children to read the classics in children’s literature.  These books are part of our cultural and literary heritage and should be familiar to all. This is a prestigious award that is a true accomplishment.

So, what does it take to complete the Grimes Scholar Challenge and become a Grimes Scholar or a Junior Grimes Scholar?

  • To become a Junior Grimes Scholar, the participant must read or listen to all the picture books in the Karen Grimes Collection of Classic Picture Books within the calendar year.* The child must be between the ages 5 – 8 to participate.
  • To become a Grimes Scholar, the participant must read a minimum of 50 books in the Karen Grimes Collection of Classic Juvenile Fiction and Non Fiction books within the calendar year.*  It is recommended that the child be in 4th grade or higher.  All books must be read by the participant to complete the challenge.

General Rules and Information

1.       All books must be read in 2013. If book has been read prior to 2013, you must reread the book! Remember: “a good book is worth re-reading!”

2.       No DVD or VHS versions of the books are permitted.

3.       A maximum of 20 JReadalong format books may be used.  A maximum of 8 JBooks on CD may be used.

4.       No abridged versions of any book are permitted.

5.       A booklet has been prepared for participants to keep track of progress at home.  If the booklet is lost, the library will not have a copy of their progress. Therefore, we strongly recommend that booklets be kept in a safe place.

6.       Be sure to come to the Children’s Room to get your finished titles stamped in your booklet by a librarian because participants are awarded at various levels of completion!  

7.       All Junior Grimes Scholars and Grimes Scholars will receive a medal and certificate at a ceremony to be held in January 2014. Details and invitations to be announced at a later date.

8.       If there are any questions, please ask a Children’s Librarian or call us at 203-594-5002.

The 2013 permission slip is attached.  You may download and print it and bring it to the Library to enroll.