Art Exhibit and Reception for Randi Bull




Join us as we celebrate Randi Bull's artistic works on Sunday, August 11, 2013 at 3:00 pm in the Curtis Gallery.





Randi Bull likes everything about making a woodcut. It is Bull’s decision to print only by hand without the help of a mechanical press that provides the strong impressions of her finished product. Randi’s use of tools in the form of knives and gouges are simple. Her reuse of blocks shows Randi’s resourceful inventiveness and adventurous use of the woodblock medium. By reconfiguring existing blocks, she can create multiple images in an infinite variety within an edition. Her love of wood comes from a childhood spent visiting family surrounded by acres of trees in her native Norwalk. Bull states, “It is the feel of cutting the wood, the white of the paper, the wonderful colors, and the luminosity that the white paper and the black key block produce. I like the shapes that materialize when you cut freely, both the shape that you cut out and the shape that remains. The logical or sometimes topsy-turvy solutions at times are quite different from the initial plan of colors. I love the mystery that arises when a print suddenly seems to work.”