AudioBooks available at the Library

One of the great benefits of being able to record sound is to make books available for listening. With the advent of audio recordings, many people were able to hear literary classics read aloud, and to experience them for the first time.

Audio books are, of course, books read aloud and recorded to be listened to on some kind of player. As sound technology has changed, audio books have changed, as well. No longer are they available only on volumes consisting of 14 or 15 vinyl LPs. Now, books are available on audio cassette or CD.  CLICK HERE to see the Library's latest additions to the audiobook collection.

We also offer our patrons the option to download the book to their own Mp3, iPod or WM3 devices.  Using our NetLibrary database, find the book you would like, download the software once, dowload the book and listen!

Most patrons have heard about OverDrive, our newest databse.  OverDrive allows patrons to download ebooks onto their own eReaders.  It also has a selections of audiobooks for our patrons, too.

Whether from the comfort of your home, the beach, your office or right here in the Library, try out all the different ways to listen to your book today.