Authors on Stage - New Canaan Library’s Memoir Writing Workshop




                               Monday, June 25, 2012

                          At 7:00 pm in the Lamb Room





      For the past year, several aspiring memoir writers have been gathering monthly to share their life stories at the New Canaan Library’s Memoir Writing Workshop. Their stories are about personal experiences and reflections on subjects ranging from early childhood memories to events of adulthood.

     Telling your story is important because it preserves your life in a meaningful format that can be accessed for years to come.

     This sharing of the Collection of Memories has been compiled to serve as a “snapshot” and cross section of some of their stories -- one or two from each workshop participant.  Join us as the authors share their memories.   


Final front Cover.jpg

Writing Your Life - 2012 reflects a heartwarming sampling of memorable life experiences written by participants of the New Canaan Library's Memoir Writing Workshop.     — Roger Langevin

People have such great stories to tell, and they are so amazingly talented in the telling.— Mark Maged 
What an enriching and learning experience to hear amazing tales of life, written with humor, 
compassion and insight! — Moosa Salman
The New Canaan Library Memoir Writing group has become like family to me. It's like coming home every month thanks to all the wonderful people I've met there! — Elsie Ferrara 
After many frustrating attempts at compiling a personal history, the concepts suggested at this forum have re-energized my writing efforts. — Jim Schlumpf