Endowed Collections

The Chester B. Hansen Collection of American History - Endowed by the Bob and Ruth Layton Fund 

Chester B. Hanson passed away on October 17, 2012.  New Canaan Library is deeply grateful for his friendship and his inspiration of this wonderful collection.

The collection is endowed by the Bob and Ruth Layton Fund and further supported by additional gifts to the Library in memory of Mr. Hanson.  

This collection of books, DVDs, and Great Courses from the Teaching Company has as its scope American history from its pre-Columbian origins to present-day events.  Books on our country's social and political history, as well as those dealing with our economic history, technological developments, horticulture, fine and domestic arts, and biographies of famous and not-so-famous figures in our past, provide a rich experience for those wishing to learn more about the evolution of America.  

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Another timely resource that might be of interest to students of American history is a special web page iCONN has created to commerate the 150th anniversary of the American Civil War, which can be found here.