Featured New Teen Lit for July 2011









Anya's War by Andrea Alban
YA Fiction
In 1937, the privileged and relatively carefree life of a fourteen-year-old Jewish girl, whose family emigrated from Odessa, Ukraine, to Shanghai, China, comes to an end when she finds an abandoned baby, her hero, Amelia Earhart, goes missing, and war breaks out with Japan. Based on the author's family history.


Fairy Bad Day by Amanda Ashby
YA Fiction
High schooler Emma is devastated to learn that she may not follow in her mother's footsteps as a dragon slayer, but with an unlikely band of allies she discovers that she may, indeed, be more adept at slaying giant killer fairies.


Super Human by Michael Owen Carroll
YA Fiction
A ragtag group of young superheroes takes on a powerful warrior who is transported from four thousand years in the past to enslave the modern world.


How I Stole Johnny Depp's Alien Girlfriend by Gary Ghislain
YA Fiction
Fourteen-year-old David, the son of a famous French psychologist, falls in love with Zelda, a new patient who believes she is from outer space, and soon they are tearing through Paris in search of her chosen one, Johnny Depp, so that she can take him to her home planet, Vahalal.


Popular by Alissa Grosso
YA Fiction
Told from their different viewpoints, Fidelity High seniors Olivia, Zelda, Nordica, and Shelly observe their clique, the elite entourage of popular Hamilton Best, crumbling due to lies and secrets, including one that could destroy Hamilton's world.


Don't Stop Now by Julie Halpern
YA Fiction
Recent high school graduates Lil and Josh leave Illinois for Oregon seeking Lil's sort-of friend Penny, who faked her own kidnapping to escape problems at home and an abusive boyfriend, but Lil also wants to find out if she and Josh are meant to be more than friends.


Haunting Violet by Alyxandra Harvey
YA Fiction
Sixteen-year-old Violet Willoughby has been part of her mother's Spiritualist scam since she was nine, but during an 1872 house party in Hampshire, England, she is horrified to learn that she can actually see ghosts, one of whom wants Violet to solve her murder.


Rotters by Daniel Kraus
YA Fiction
Sixteen-year-old Joey's life takes a very strange turn when his mother's tragic death forces him to move from Chicago to rural Iowa with the father he's never known, and who's the town pariah.


Attack of the Vampire Weenies by David Lubar
YA Fiction
Thirty creepy stories about warped technology, revengeful ants, sadistic gym teachers, and other terrifying things. Includes author's notes on how he got his ideas for these stories.


The Lost Crown by Sarah Elizabeth Miller
YA Fiction, J Fiction
In alternating chapters, Grand Duchesses Olga, Tatiana, Maria, and Anastasia tell how their privileged lives as the daughters of the tsar in early twentieth-century Russia are transformed by world war and revolution.


Ten Things We Did (and Probably Shouldn't Have) by Sarah Mlynowski
YA Fiction
Sixteen-year-old April, a high school junior, and her friend Vi, a senior, get a crash course in reality as the list of things they should not do becomes a list of things they did while living parent-free in Westport, Connecticut, for the semester.


The Waking: Spirits of the Noh by Thomas Randall
YA Fiction
Just as Kara and her friends at the Monju-no-Chie school in Japan are beginning to get over the horrifying deaths of two students, another monster emerges to terrorize the school.


Dork Diaries: Tales from a Not-So-Talented Pop Star by Rachel Renee Russell
YA Fiction, J Fiction
When scholarship student Nikki Maxwell, whose father is the school exterminator, decides to enter the talent show at her expensive private school, her nemesis MacKenzie threatens to reveal Nikki's status to the rest of the school.


Ashes, Ashes by Jo Treggiari
YA Fiction
In a future Manhattan devastated by environmental catastrophes and epidemics, sixteen-year-old Lucy survives alone until vicious hounds target her and force her to join Aidan and his band, but soon they learn that she is the target of Sweepers, who kidnap and infect people with plague.


Crossing Lines by Paul Volponi
YA Fiction
High school senior Adonis struggles to do the right thing when his fellow football players escalate their bullying of a new classmate, Alan, who is transgendered.


Anya's Ghost by Vera Brosgol
Anya, embarrassed by her Russian immigrant family and self-conscious about her body, has given up on fitting in at school but falling down a well and making friends with the ghost there just may be worse.


Blue Exorcist vol. 1 by Kazue Kato and John Werry
Fight hellfire with hellfire! Raised by Father Fujimoto, a famous exorcist, Rin Okumura never knew his real father. One day a fateful argument with Father Fujimoto forces Rin to face a terrible truth -- the blood of the demon lord Satan runs in Rin's veins! Rin swears to defeat Satan, but doing that means entering the mysterious True Cross Academy and becoming an exorcist himself. Can Rin fight demons and keep his infernal bloodline a secret? It won't be easy, especially when drawing his father's sword releases the demonic power within him!


Level Up by Gene Luen Yang
Dennis, the son of Chinese immigrants, yearns to play video games like his friends and, upon his strict father's death, becomes obsessed with them but later, realizing how his father sacrificed for him, he chooses a nobler path.


Macbeth by Richard Appignanesi and Robert Deas
GN 822.33 T5A
When Macbeth, a great warlord, hears witches prophesy that he shall become king, he becomes obsessed with power. He and his equally ambitions wife plot to take over the crown -- murdering and scheming their way to the throne. But what price will Macbeth pay for all the death and destruction? Manga's vibrant style perfectly captures one of Shakespeare's most frightening and dramatic tragedies.


Wonder Woman vol 1: Odyssey by Michael Straczynski, Phil Hester, and Don Kramer
GN Marvel
Due to mysterious circumstances, Diana must track down the truth behind whats happened to her timeline and face the biggest stunner of all: Who destroyed Paradise Island?