Get in the Loop!

We are pleased to announce the launch of "Get in the Loop!" an assistive hearing technology program for Library patrons with hearing disabilities.  This program was made possible by generous grants from both the New Canaan Community Foundation and the Connecticut State Library.  

The first phase of the program was recently launched with installation of two types of assistive hearing technology in the Library. A "T-coil hearing loop" system was installed in the Adrian Lamb Room, the Library’s largest public event space, and Portable InfoLoop Ampliphiers were installed at the main reference and circulation desks.

The hearing loop in the Adrian Lamb Room will allow patrons with hearing disabilities to hear the complete sound of programs in this room, either through personal hearing aids tuned to the t-coil channel, or by using one of the ten available portable receivers with headphones.  The signal heard is clear and crisp - without distracting background noise or reverberation - because the new system transmits sound directly from the room’s audio system through a wire loop installed just below the carpet around the perimeter of the room.  This wire ‘loop’ is the conduit for the sound transmission to hearing aids and portable receivers.

We hope this new technology will enhance the listening enjoyment of all our patrons. If you would like to take advantage of this new technology, simply switch your hearing aid to t-coil mode, or if you are not a hearing aid owner, just pick up one of our portable receiver and headphone sets available at the rear of the room.

The hearing loop will be available during all programs in this room when our audiovisual system is used, including musical performances, film series, authors on stage, and other public gatherings.

Black boxes labled with the international hearing loop logo, are now in position on the main reference and circulation desks. These boxes allow for Library patrons to interact with staff by clearly hearing a one on one conversation through a portable hearing device. Patrons will now be able to seek reference advice or check out books, while hearing their conversation with Library staff as long as they have their hearing aids tuned to the t-coil channel or are using one of the portable receivers available from the desk staff.

The second phase of the program will be the installation of a Portable InfoLoop at the main Children's reference and circulation desk, the installation of a hearing loop in the Children's Programming Room, and the introduction of portable loops for use in the Plaut room or when checked out and taken home.

We welcome the feedback of all those who employ the new system and hope that our Library patrons with hearing disabilties will enjoy all the programming and services the Library has to offer, thereby living fuller, active lives.

The loop is available anywhere the bright blue international hearing loop logo is posted. If you need assistance with this new technology, please ask one of our staff members to help you.


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