June's New Graphic Novels









Young Lovecraft. Vol. 1 & 2 (GN / Y) -- The writer, misanthropist, cat lover and compulsive reader Howard Phillips Lovecraft was the genius of literature whose myths would forever change horror literature. But before becoming a cult author, Lovecraft lived a magic childhood. And this world of his early years was to shape the cosmogony that he later created as an adult-- this is young Lovecraft's story.


New Mutants. A date with the devil (GN / MARVEL)-- Repercussions from the infighting among the X-Men's old guard reach the tight-knit New Mutants -- all must make life-defining choices in the wake of Schism. Meanwhile, Blink is back, and the New Mutants are on her trail. As Dani leads a mission to bring Blink out of exile, Mephisto lurks in the background -- waiting to collect on a bargain struck with Magma during the throes of Fear Itself.



Chew. Vol. 5, Major league Chew (GN / C) -- Tony Chu -- the cibopathic federal agent with the ability to get psychic impressions from what he eats -- has been kidnapped! He was ambushed, knocked out, brought to a remote location, and bound securely. His captor intends to feed Tony from a menu of his choosing, to find out what Tony can see, in order to learn from him. His daughter, Olive, has been kidnapped for the exact same reason. Two kidnappers, two captives, and two very different outcomes.



Batman. Vol. 1, The court of owls (GN / DC) -- After a series of brutal murders rocks Gotham City, Batman begins to realize that perhaps these crimes go far deeper than appearances suggest. As the Caped Crusader begins to unravel this deadly mystery, he discovers a conspiracy going back to his youth and beyond to the origins of the city he's sworn to protect. Could the Court of Owls, once thought to be nothing more than an urban legend, be behind the crime and corruption? Or is Bruce Wayne losing his grip on sanity and falling prey to the pressures of his war on crime?


Naruto. Vol. 56, Team Asuma, reunited (GN / MANGA) -- Naruto and the Allied Shinobi Forces battle Kabuto's hordes of reanimated ninja soldiers. In the process, they come face-to-face with old friends brought back from the dead...plus enemies and weapons more fearsome than any they could have imagined!




Dungeons & Dragons. Vol. 3, Down (GN / D) -- ell's Five have returned to Fallcrest, only to find shattering news for Khal. He's heading home and nothing will stand in his way as he must lead Fell's Five against a sinister new threat in the Underdark. But this "threat" is someone near and dear to another of the group!



Moon Knight. Vol. 2 (GN / MARVEL) -- As Spector tries to find balance in his new home of Los Angeles, a criminal mastermind makes deadly maneuvers -- trafficking the temporarily inert robot body of Ultron. Can Moon Knight get his act together in time to take on this deadly threat? Or will it take another personality on the scene -- Maya Lopez, the former Avenger Echo -- to tip the odds in Moon Knight's favor?



Zahra's paradise (GN / Z) -- Set in the aftermath of Iran's fraudulent elections of 2009, Zahra's Paradise is the fictional story of the search for Mehdi, a young protestor who has vanished into an extrajudicial twilight zone. What's keeping his memory from being obliterated is not the law. It is the grit and guts of his mother, who refuses to surrender her son to fate, and the tenacity of his brother, a blogger, who fuses tradition and technology to explore and explode the void in which Mehdi has vanished.


Justice League. Volume 1, Origin (GN / DC) -- In a world where inexperienced superheroes operate under a cloud of suspicion from the public, loner vigilante Batman has stumbled upon a dark evil that threatens to destroy the earth as we know it. Now, faced with a threat far beyond anything he can handle on his own, the Dark Knight must trust an alien, a scarlet speedster, an accidental teenage hero, a space cop, an Amazon Princess and an undersea monarch. Will this combination of Superman, The Flash, Cyborg, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and Aquaman be able to put aside their differences and come together to save the world? Or will they destroy each other first?


Stickman Odyssey. Book 2, The wrath of Zozimos (GN / S) -- In his quest to reclaim the throne of Sticatha from his evil stepmother, the exiled prince Zozimos has fought golems, matched wits with a sphinx, and overcome his own ineptitude to, well, stay alive. Now, with his homeland finally in sight, he and his band of misfits ready themselves for battle. Only it's not quite the fight they were expecting.



New Mutants. Vol. 4, Unfinished business (GN / MARVEL) -- After one disastrous mission too many, the New Mutants have been torn apart, but rather than disband the team, Cyclops gives them a new leader and a new mission: to settle the X-Men's unfinished business -- the lost mutants and threats that have slippsed through the cracks. Now led by Dani Moonstar, the revitalized New Mutants are ready for anything -- or so they think.



Pandora hearts. Volume 10 (GN / MANGA) -- A century before, in Sablier, a forbidden portal was flung wide by a boy, Vincent, in his single-minded desire to protect his brother, Gilbert. And thus did that foolhardy desire lead to the corruption of that innocent boy's soul like a sweet poison... Now as Gil, Oz, and Alice wander the ruins of the former capital, they are assaulted by illusions from the past. But how much of it is real?



Mass effect. Vol. 3, Invasion (GN / M) -- The Omega space station is the center of lawlessness in the galaxy, a den of vice ruled by the deadly asari Aria T'Loak. It is also a strategic foothold in a galay-wide power struggle, and when the station comes under attack from a new threat unleashed by the humanity-first organization Cerberus, Aria is forced to become more ruthless than ever to protect her home -- and her dominion!



The Avengers. Vol. 3 (GN / MARVEL) -- Tony Stark's fortune is gone. Captain America's leadership has been questioned. Thor is dead. And Norman Osborn is back! Freed from his prison by him H.A.M.M.E.R. loyalists, Osborn has united with A.I.M., Superia, and Madame Hydra. The man who once controlled America's security apparatus now wants revenge in the worst way. Now, the Avengers who deposed him are the target of Osborn's new secret weapon: an army with the powers of the Marvel Universe at its disposal -- with Earth's Mightiest in its crosshairs! Such a threat requires reinforcements, so it's up to Captain America to shake up the Avengers' roster and bring in new firepower.