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Secret of the Wiild Child (DVD 401.9 S):  In the fall of 1970, social workers took custody of a 13-year-old child who had spent much of her life chained to a potty chair in her bedroom. She could not speak, walk, or respond to other people. She was called "Genie." Her case attracted psychologists who were interested in finding out whether she could still learn to speak. At the time, some linguists, led by MIT's Noam Chomsky, believed that human speech is a genetically programmed ability. Eric Lenneberg, a neuropsychologist, agreed with Chomsky and added further that if a person did not learn to speak by adolescence, then the natural ability to learn language might be lost forever. This theory was the so-called "critical period hypothesis."

Although Genie's situation was one that scientists would never create intentionally to test their theories, her unfortunate circumstances made her a prime candidate for experimentation. Genie was past puberty. If she could still learn language, it would cast doubt on the critical period hypothesis. Ultimately, Genie's caretakers were criticized for combining their research with her treatment.

Beginners Yoga (DVD 613.7B):  In this course, instructor Marleen Stam-Gibbs reveals many essential Yoga techniques for you to open up the tightest areas of your body; the hips, glutes, hamstrings and lower back. In freeing those areas, you will discover a healthy approach to improving your life.

Marleen clearly demonstrates proper breathing and stretching techniques and offers you step-by-step complete breakdowns through many Yoga poses including:

Down Dog
Step Through
Forward Fold
Seated Forward Fold
Hand To Big Toe
Supine Pigeon
Warrior 1
Warrior 2
Extended Angle

This course is a perfect companion for inflexible people.

Wine and Confused (DVD 641.22 J):  Monty Python alums have made good second careers hosting documentary programs, such as Terry Jones's Crusades. Now John Cleese turns his attention to the subject of wine in Wine for the Confused, originally broadcast as a special on Food Network. "Don't let anyone ever try to tell you what wine you like, because people have different tastes and we shall honor that," he heralds at the start. The point of the program is clear and simple: to help you find and describe wines you like; to show how to buy wines at a good value; and to provide tips on how to get the most enjoyment from the wines you do buy. With this attitude, his considerable charm, and his gentle wit, Cleese is the perfect host for this material, and right off the bat he strikes just the right tone--instructive, but light-hearted. The result is delightful.

The Art of Knitting (DVD 746.432 A):  Leisure Arts recommends that whether you’re a beginner or advanced knitter, the best designers and instructors in America will show you how to knit with simple, understandable demonstrations that you can play over and over again. It will inspire you! Step-By-Step Instruction (all levels): Master knitters Jennifer Wenger, Marla Pelz Fiber Types workshop: Laura Bryant/Prism Yarns The Making of Yarn: Shearing (WindyHillsFarm), Spinning,Dyeing (Twisted Sisters) Color Theory: Zhenya Gershman, artist/educator J Paul Getty Museum Knitted Swimwear: celebrated designer Ashley Paige Fit-to-knit Workout: prevent injuries Beverly Hills Chiropractor Dr Kent Sveningson Wire Knitting: renowned author/designer Nancie Wiseman Zen of Knitting: Bernadette Murphy recounts selections from her best-selling book Get Inspired: Knitting Circles, Events and Workshops. Learning with Leisure Arts is now easier and more convenient than ever!

The Tower (DVD 942.1 T):  One of Britain’s most majestic and recognizable symbols, the Tower of London has stood on the banks of the River Thames for over 900 years. A fortress, royal palace, state prison and treasure house, it has been the setting for magnificent opulence and the darkest of deeds. It is here that Kings were murdered, Queens put to the axe, spies and traitors executed, and innocents killed to suit ruthless ambitions. Featuring dramatic reenactments, expert interviews and computer-generated recreations, this eight-part series explores the Tower’s storied past, going behind the scenes to witness private ceremonies and uncover forgotten secrets.