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Action and adventure!
These stories of spies, battles, pirates, survival tales, thieves, and living life to the extreme will keep you on the edge of your seat!


Books that go bump in the night
Scary stories to thrill and chilll!



Books that rock: stories with a musical element
Forming bands, seeing bands, becoming a rock star, dating a rock star, being the child of a rock star, playing classical music, keeping a song journal—if you’re looking for books with a musical beat, check these out!


Books that won't make you blush
Good transitional stories for readers new to the YA section or for those who like gentler reads.



Books with beat (novels in verse and poetry)
Novels in verse, books about written poetry and spoken-word poetry, and collections of poems.



Domestic violence and abusive relationships guide
Fiction and nonfiction resources about domestic violence and family abuse.



Barbed WireSquare.jpgDystopias

Did you love The Hunger Games and Divergent?  Give these YA Dystopias a try!


Fighting the good fight: kids and cancer
Stories of kids and teens fighting cancer.



Mysteries and detective stories
Detectives, private eyes, and regular people solving mysteries and getting to the bottom of crimes



Pretty Little Liars readalikes: drama and scandal
Can't get enough Pretty Little Liars? Check out these other books that are full of delicious drama and scandal!



Pretty Little Liars readalikes: secrecy and mystery
Can't get enough Pretty Little Liars? Check out these other books that are full of secrecy and mystery!  


What the heart wants: YA romances
Summer flings, paranormal romances, soulmates, unlikely lovers tossed together, sweet stories, long relationships, passionate affairs--it's all here!



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