Meeting Room Agreement










I have read the Meeting Usage Policy and Rules (available online or at the Reference Desk) and agree:

1.  that the purpose of this meeting conforms to the guidelines.
2.  that there are no admission charges, fees or suggested donations. (Non-profit organizations may charge for the cost of materials and supplies used.)
3.  to provide advance copies of all publicity (flyers, posters, newsletters, press releases and invitations) so that the Library can ensure that they prominently state the following:  "THIS PROGRAM IS NOT SPONSORED BY THE NEW CANAAN LIBRARY"  and that the sponsoring organization acknowledges its sponsorship and provide phone numbers in all its publicity materials.
4.  to keep all seating arrangements, furniture, eating and drinking inside the room provided.
5.  to seek written permission to serve alchoholic beverages.
6.  to prohibit smoking and the burning of candles, incense, etc.
7.  to leave the room in good order.