Meeting Room Policy



The meeting rooms of the New Canaan Library have been constructed as a public service using private contributions and funds from a State grant. Meeting space is intended to expand the Library's ability to provide educational and cultural programs and to develop cooperative relationships with community organizations.  By funding and by State charter, The New Canaan Library is a private association library rather than a public library, and is not obligated to accept all program requests.

    The Library therefore requires that programs be:
  1. Responsive to the informational needs or interests of the community.
  2. Concerned with topics appropriate to the Library's Mission.
  3. Free of any for-profit, commercial charges.

Rules For Use Of Meeting Rooms:

  1. Eligibility

    1. Library meeting rooms may be used for meetings and programs by community groups and organizations and by businesses, for   purposes within the foregoing New Canaan Library Meeting Room Policy.
    2. At no time shall the meeting rooms be used by an individual or organization which promotes violence, hate or illegal discrimination.
    3. The Library retains the right to deny the space to any user whose planned use of the space does not comply with these terms.
    4. The Library reserves the right to cancel a reservation without notice.
  2. Usage

    1. Meetings or classes held in the Meeting Rooms must be free of charge except:
      1. fees to cover only the cost of materials and supplies may be charged by non-profit institutions, and
      2. fees may be charged by the Library.
    2. Meeting rooms may not be used for
      1. religious services,
      2. political campaigns (political forums are permitted),
      3. solicitation, admission or other charges, money-raising activities, and/or sales,
      4. social gatherings such as showers, birthday parties, dances, etc. not sponsored by the Library, or
      5. meetings which might interfere with the functions of the Library staff or its peaceful usage by its patrons, or endanger the Library buildings, collection or property.
  3. Publicity

    1. Displays within the Library may be arranged with the prior approval of the Library staff.
    2. The fact that a group is permitted to use a room does not constitute an endorsement of the group's policies or beliefs by the Library.
    3. All publicity (flyers, posters, newsletters, press releases and invitations) must be approved in advance by the Library to ensure that:
      1. the sponsoring organization acknowledges its sponsorship and provides phone numbers in all its publicity materials, and
      2. it features the following legend prominently: "THIS PROGRAM IS NOT SPONSORED BY THE NEW CANAAN LIBRARY"
    4. Neither the name, address, nor telephone number of the Library may be used as the address or headquarters for any group using the Library for meeting purposes.
  4. Care and Use of Facilities

    1. Attendance at meetings will be limited to the maximum legal capacity of the individual meeting rooms. Seating and/or supplementary furniture are not allowed in corridors outside the meeting rooms.
    2. All exits must be kept unlocked at all times. Open aisles must be maintained within the seating arrangement to provide clear access to exits.
    3. Smoking is prohibited.
    4. Alcoholic beverages may be served only with the written permission of the Library referring specifically to the event and date.
    5. Food and non-alcoholic beverages may be served in the meeting rooms.
    6. Food and beverages are not permitted outside meeting rooms.
    7. Burning of any materials, including incense and candles, is prohibited.
    8. Nothing may be affixed or mounted to the walls in any way.
    9. Groups using the rooms will leave the rooms and kitchen in good order.
  5. Responsibility

    1. Each group is responsible for cleaning up after itself.
    2. An authorized group representative ("applicant") will review these rules and agree on behalf of the organization to observe proper use of the rooms in accordance with these rules.
    3. In addition, use of Library meeting rooms by any group signifies acceptance of the terms of these rules.
    4. Juvenile and Young Adult (18 years and under) groups may use the rooms only through an adult applicant and with adult supervision.
    5. The applicant, as well as the membership of the group as a whole, will be held responsible for
      1. any additional custodial fees if the rooms are not left in good order and for all damages that may occur as a result of the use of the facilities.
      2. Any loss or damage resulting from use of the room. Compensation for any loss or damage must be paid promptly.
    6. The Library is not responsible for equipment, supplies, exhibit materials or other items owned by a group or individual and used in the Library.
  6. Reservations

    1. Application for the use of the library facilities does not guarantee approval.
    2. Applications will be approved on a first-come, first-served basis.
    3. Priority in scheduling essentially simultaneous applications for reservations of the Library meeting rooms shall be given in the following order:
      1. Library sponsored programs and meetings
      2. Meetings of official committees and the Board of the Library
      3. Educational, cultural, civic and public information events
      4. Bookings may be made when the Library is closed only by special permission of the Director
  7. Procedures

    1. The Director has discretion to deny the space to any user whose planned use of the space does not comply with these terms. The Director may refer any program or program-related materials to the Board of Trustees for review.
    2. Requests for use of a meeting room may be made in person, online, by telephone, or in writing.
    3. Bookings may be made at any time, depending on room availability. The Library prefers 48 hours notice.
    4. A staff member should give the applicant a copy of this Meeting Room Policy.
    5. The applicant for a group should file a completed reservation form including
      1. Name of organization
      2. Name, address, and telephone number of the responsible person
      3. Total number of persons expected to attend
      4. Date, time and duration of the booking
      5. The room requested
      6. Acknowledgment of review of these policies, and responsibility agreement.
    6. Groups may not assign their reservations to other groups.
    7. Applicants should notify the library in a timely manner if a meeting is canceled so that others may schedule use of the meeting room. If a group repeatedly does not show for a scheduled meeting, the group may lose its privilege of using a meeting room.
    8. The Library reserves the right to close due to weather conditions. Groups will not necessarily be notified by the Library.
  8. Room rental charges

    1. As of January 1, 2012, all groups renting the room will be charged a room rental fee and custodial fee according to the schedule of charges:
      Type of Organization Custodial Charges Lamb Room Rental Fee Plaut Room & Children's Program Room Rental Fee
      New Canaan Non-Profits Lamb Room Daytime: $35/hour, max of $70
      Lamb Room Evening: $35/hour
      Plaut Room: After closing only, $35/hour
      No fee No fee
      Other Non-Profits Lamb Room Daytime: $35/hour, max of $70
      Lamb Room Evening: $35/hour
      Plaut Room: After closing only, $35/hour
      Day: $75/hour, max of $150/half day
      Evening & Weekends: $75/hour
      Day: $35/hour, max of $70/half day
      Evening & Weekends: $35/hour
      For Profit Organizations Lamb Room Daytime: $35/hour, max of $70
      Lamb Room Evening: $35/hour
      Plaut Room: After closing only, $35/hour
      Day: $200/hour, max of $500/half day
      Evening & Weekends: $200/hour
      Day: $75/hour, max of $150/half day
      Evening & Weekends: $75/hour
    2. Room rental fees  may be waived upon the show of proof of a non-profit status
      1. A 501(3)(c) is entitled a have a room rental fee waived
      2. Custodial fee will still apply

Adopted by The Board of Trustees June 14, 2012

Please read and accept the conditions of the policy to continue to the Meeting Room request form.