New and Recommended Graphic Novels

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Templar by Jordan Mechner (GN/T) -- Martin isn't exactly the most steadfast or pious knight, but he does manage to escape when the king of France and the pope massacre the Templars and steal their legendary treasure. In fact, Martin rises to the occasion. He rallies a small force of surviving Templars, and together the band hatches an audacious plan ... to steal the world's greatest treasure out from under the king's nose.



Avengers Academy. Vol. 4, Second semester by Christos Gage (GN/MARVEL) -- It's a new start for the Academy kids! New students! New staff! New West Coast campus! But when a classic Avenger is murdered, everyone becomes a suspect! Captain America, Luke Cage, and Hawkeye guest-star to ... fight the Avengers Academy? Then, Reptil's darkest secret is revealed! And when X-23 joins Avengers Academy, will they survive the experience?



Batman, Detective Comics Vol. 1 : faces of death by Tony S. Daniel (GN/DC) -- DC's flagship title is relaunched for the first time ever, with new Batman adventures from acclaimed writer & artist Tony S. Daniel! He makes dolls out of his victims--and he's tired of being referred to in the media as the Gotham Strangler. His moniker is the Dollmaker, and he and his insane family are going to hunt down Gotham City's public figures and turn them into the ultimate collectables. As the Dollmaker ups the stakes, Batman finds himself in a race against time--because one of his allies is the Dollmaker's next target! Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne explores a budding romance with television journalist Charlotte Rivers, who's visiting Gotham City to cover the gruesome slayings while also trying to uncover Bruce's own mystery.

Yotsuba&! 11 by Kiyohiko Azuma (GN/MANGA) -- Say cheese! Say cheeeese! Yotsuba's got a shiny new camera! But this new camera is too cool for just Daddy's silly poses. What else should Yotsuba take? Maybe the nice man at the restaurant who makes udon, or Shaggy Beard at the bike shop. But definitely not that dog down the street. He's a little scary and ... Oh no! Watch out, Juralumin!!!! WAHHHH!



World of Warcraft : Dark Riders by Mike Costa (GN/W) -- The dark riders rank among Azeroth's most chilling legends. These cloaked figures are said to terrorize the gloomy forests of Duskwood, driven by an unholy force to seek out powerful artifacts. But who are they? What is the purpose of their violent quest? And who-- or what-- do they answer to? In World of Warcraft: Dark riders, a group of Alliance champions will unravel these mysteries and more... [A] thrilling tales of heroes pitted against the marauding Dark Riders, bloodthirsty worgen, and other foes as they struggle to overcome their own inner demons.


Star wars : Dark times. Vol. 5, Out of the wilderness by Randy Stradley (GN/S) -- Everyone wants fugitive Jedi Dass Jennir. An assassin is hot on his heels, Darth Vader is also in the race to find him, and even the outlaw crew of the Uhumele are searching for their former companion. But for Jennir and his "partner" Ember Chankeli, those are distant concerns as they endure a scorching desert trek and an attack by deadly land pirates! Even under a blazing sun, these are dark times!



Buffy the Vampire Slayer : Season 9. Vol. 3, Guarded by Andrew Chambliss (GN/B) -- What is a Slayer's place in a world without magic? Recruited by ex-Slayer Kennedy, Buffy is gainfully employed by a newly formed company leasing out former Slayers as bodyguards. A Slayer to her core, Buffy struggles to resist her instincts of fighting demons and vampires. Luckily for Buffy, her first assignment has her protecting an Internet mogul chased by assassins from the hell dimensions! Meanwhile, guest writers Jane Espenson and Drew Z. Greenberg reveal a new kind of Slayer emerging in a small town about the be contaiminated by the growing zompire epidemic!

Aquaman. Vol. 2, The Others by Geoff Johns (GN/DC) -- Six years later after a grisly murder, The Others are reunited. They know only one man could be responsible: Black Manta. Aquaman must lead the charge to stop his arch-nemesis, but will the years have fractured The Others just enough to keep them from bringing this villain to justice?



Daredevil : End of days by Brian M Bendis & David Mack (GN/MARVEL) -- Years after the world last set eyes on him, Daredevil finally returned to Hell's Kitchen, only to be brutally slain by his deadliest foe in a very public battle. But Matt's enigmatic last word leads Daily Bugle reporter Ben Urich to take on one final story: the truth behind what happened to his old friend.



Once upon a time : shadow of the queen by Daniel T. Thomsen (GN/O) -- The Evil Queen has, quite literally, captured the Huntsman's heart--and now he's her slave. Based on the world of ABC's hit primetime series ONCE UPON A TIME, this is the never-before-told tale behind their twisted relationship--and what happens when a good man is forced to do bad. When Regina cooks up yet another devious plan to capture Snow White--this time by allying with a pack of power-hungry werewolves--the Huntsman comes face-to-face with his past ... and an independent spirit in Red Riding Hood that just may match his own. Can these two break free of the forces that bind them and save Snow White? When put to the test, where will the Huntsman's loyalties lie? Has the Evil Queen stolen his heart in more ways than one?

The cartoon introduction to statistics by Grady Klein and Alan Dabney, Ph. D (GN/519 K) -- The Cartoon Introduction to Statistics is the most imaginative and accessible introductory statistics course you’ll ever take. Employing an irresistible cast of dragon-riding Vikings, lizard-throwing giants, and feuding aliens, the renowned illustrator Grady Klein and the award-winning statistician Alan Dabney teach you how to collect reliable data, make confident statements based on limited information, and judge the usefulness of polls and the other numbers that you’re bombarded with every day. If you want to go beyond the basics, they’ve created the ultimate resource: “The Math Cave,” where they reveal the more advanced formulas and concepts. Timely, authoritative, and hilarious, The Cartoon Introduction to Statistics is an essential guide for anyone who wants to better navigate our data-driven world.

Pretty guardian Sailor Moon. Volume 6-8 by Naoko Takeuchi (GN/MANGA) -- Just when all seems well again in the world, another enemy appears! Two new figures from the private school, Mugen Academe, appear and take a special interest in Sailor Moon and company. Who are they, and do they have anything to do with the strange occurrences that are suddenly taking place? Meanwhile, the appearance of two new Guardians takes everyone by surprise as our favorite Sailor heroes must once again face off against new enemies to save the world!


Star Trek : countdown to darkness by Roberto Orci & Mike Johnson (GN/S) -- The countdown to the motion picture event of 2013 begins here, in this blockbuster 4-issue prequel mini-series that sets the stage for the upcoming Star Trek film! Like the best-selling Star Trek: Countdown in 2009, this all-new series leads directly into the next movie, with a story by Star Trek writer/producer Roberto Orci and Mike Johnson (Star Trek) ongoing series), and drawn by the original Star Trek: Countdown artist, David Messina! Star Trek: Countdown To Darkness is the can't-miss lead-in to the new adventures of the Enterprise crew!

Star Trek. Volume 1 by Mike Johnson (GN/S) -- The adventures of the Starship Enterprise continue in this new series that picks up where the blockbuster 2009 film left off. Featuring the new cast of the film, these missions re-imagine the stories from the original series in the alternate timeline created by the film, along with new threats and characters never seen before. With creative collaboration from Star Trek writer/producer Roberto Orci, this new series begins the countdown to the much-anticipated movie sequel


Superman : Action Comics. Vol. 2, Bulletproof by Grant Morrison (GN/DC) -- Clark Kent is dead! When grave circumstances cause Superman to leave behind his alter ego, an unimpeded Man of Steel must face his deadliest foe to date: Nimrod the Hunter! Metropolis' newest threat has killed everything he's ever tracked, but he's never killed an alien. Will the red and blue Kryptonian be his first?



Conan. Vol. 11-13 by Roy Thomas (GN/C) -- It's a pirate's life for Conan, commanding a ship of mongrel sailors and pillaging across the Vilayet Sea. But his swashbuckling days are cut short when his companion Olivia receives a vision of her royal father, who sold her into slavery, wishing for her return. Conan and Olivia set out on the fabled Road of Kings, but the journey is a treacherous one, filled with monsters, angry victims of Conan's light fingers, and other thieving highwaymen. While Conan becomes caught up in palace intrigue along the way, a slaver kidnaps Olivia, determined to collect a ransom from her father!