New App! AccessMyLibrary by Gale!









Available for the Android as well as the iPhone, iPad and iTouch!


Credible and Comprehensive

View your library’s online resources today where you’ll find reliable information — available 24/7 — from current magazines, journals, encyclopedias, how-to guides and more:
    * Health care — discover dependable facts
    * Environment — track the latest findings
    * Biographies — from history and today's headlines
    * Career choices — step-by-step
    * Car repair — locate a diagram or how-to directions
    * Literature — track a bestseller or write a term paper
    * Science — study current, credible research
    * And much, much more
Simply select your topic and citable results from sources you can trust are delivered immediately.

How It Works

Based on your current location, AccessMyLibrary locates libraries within a 10-mile radius. You can then select a library and access all its Gale electronic resources.

Remember to bookmark your library to access it from anywhere on earth that you have access to the Internet.

You can also use this app to find the library's address or contact them directly.