New August Graphic Novels

Here's a selection of some of our newest titles -- be sure to look for more of your favorites at our new location in the YA area!!







Hera : the goddess and her glory -- There's only one thing Zeus, the King of the Gods, is afraid of. It isn't the many-headed Hydra, or the towering Gigantes. It isn't his powerful, jealous brother Poseidon, the god of the seas. Monsters, gods, Titans -- none of them make the mighty Zeus blink an eye. The only thing Zeus fears is his wife: Hera. Goddess of the air, the sky, and the heavens, patroness of the cunning Jason, and scourge of the mighty Heracles, Hera rivals Zeus in power -- and surpasses him in wrath.



Justice League : Cry for justice -- When Batman and Martian Manhunter are slaughtered by Prometheus, their allies Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Shazam, Supergirl, and Starman team together to defeat him before he can attack again.




Halo : Blood Line -- Blood Line is the top-secret unconventional warfare unit of the United Nations Space Command's Office of Naval Intelligence, engaging in sabotage and assassination missions deep inside Covenant space. But when this quartet of super-soldiers is shot down over a desolate moon along with a Covenant crusier, humans and aliens will have to forge an uneasy alliance against a common foe before an eons-old threat destroys them both!



Secret Warriors. Vol. 5, Night -- After the devastating events of "The Last Ride of the Howling Commandos," an even more determined Nick Fury sets his endgame in motion. Join us as Jonathan Hickman begins to bring all his mad plans to fruition and we rocket towards the jaw-dropping conclusion.




Afterschool charisma. Volume 3 -- To enroll at St. Kleio Academy, a student must be a clone of a famous historical figure. This volume features Napoleon Bonaparte.





Conan. Vol. 9, Free companions -- In his short career as a mercenary, young Conan has impressed both Princess Yasmela and military leader Lord Alamric, but an ambitious, rogue prince arrives in Khoraja and blind-sides Conan out of the comfortable, courtly situation he's found himself in. Not only is Conan's love affair with Yasmela going south, but rebel Prince Julion immediately challenges Conan's headstrong impulses and military plans, causing a rift between the battered-but-proud forces of Khoraja and Amalric's army of colorful mercs.


The sons of liberty. Vol. 2, Death and taxes -- Teenage runaway slaves with superhuman powers, a Hessian giant, the most evil slave owners imaginable, and Benjamin Franklin: this story of the Revolution blends fact and fantasy in an imaginative reinterpretation of a critical time in American history.




Superboy and the Legion of super-heroes : the early years -- Brainiac 5 and the Legion of Super-Heroes have traveled to the past to recruit Superboy for their newly formed team! Along with other super-powered teens like Saturn Girl and Cosmic Boy, Superboy is being given the chance to see things he never dreamed of -- but is it too much? Will knowing too much about his own future affect his past?



Chaos war : Avengers -- The Vision, Captain Mar-Vell. Yellowjacket. Deathcry. Swordsman. Dr. Druid. All lost their lives in the line of duty...or in disgrace. When Earth's Mightiest Heroes are themselves laid low in the carnage of the CHAOS WAR and the graves give up their dead, these six find themselves mysteriously returned, to RE-ASSEMBLE against the CHAOS KING's most fearsome ally--one of the Avengers' greatest foes! It's a final chance at redemption, a second life and, most importantly, to prove--once and for all, tht they are worthy of the name...AVENGERS.


Pandora hearts. Volume 6 -- Uncle Oscar drags Oz and company on a "mission" to Lutwidge Academy, where Oz's little sister, Ada, is a student. But some carefree fun and a tearful reunion ten years in the making is not all for which Oz must prepare himself. Crimson-cloaked foes are lying in wait to torture him for answers about the events of a hundred years ago.



The sixth gun. Bk. 2, Crossroads -- Now in possession of five of the six cursed pistols, Drake, Becky, and Gord have holed up in New Orleans as they plot their next move. But even though Becky keeps her six-shooter close at hand, Drake wants nothing to do with the weapons. As some of the most powerful beings in the spirit world align against our heroes, Drake hides his pistols and sets out to find a way to sever their supernatural bond. New enemies and allies appear, and nature itself revolts in terriying ways. Without his four mystic pistols close at hand, does Drake even stand a chance of survival?


Deadpool Corps. Vol. 2, You say you want a revolution -- Fresh from inexplicably saving the galaxy, the Deadpool Corps is offered a mission by the Omega Confederation to squash a rebellion by the Krook people that is derailing the company's mining operation. Naturally, the Confederation is a little miffed upon learning the Corps has changed sides!



Manga Shakespeare : Much ado about nothing -- A comic book version of Shakespeare's comedy about mistaken identities, games, eavesdropping, and unrequited love.




Takio. Vol. 1 -- Two sisters in a multi-racial, adoptive family are driving each other insane! Their overprotective mother makes them walk to school together, eat lunch together and play together. They can't get away from each other! But when a one-of-a-kind, once-in-a-lifetime accident gives them real-life superpowers, these two sisters become the first actual superheroes in the entire world. And it is awesome! Now the sisters have to learn to get along so they can save the world and get home by six-- or they are so grounded.



Black butler. 6 -- The cheer of the holidays has passed, but the Noah's Ark traveling circus has been making the rounds, bringing fun and joy to children of all ages. However, as the ringmaster's cries fade away, a disturbing trend begins to surface in the wake of the colourful entourage. Children seem to disappear whenever the circus packs up for its next destination, and there are no clues---or corpses---to be found. But when the situation calls for Ciel and Sebastian to infiltrate the big top, will Sebastian's inhuman skills be enough to see him and his young master through a treacherous tightrope act that may well end in death?


Chaos War : X-Men -- As the Marvel Universe is destroyed pantheon by pantheon by the dark god, Chaos King, the rift between the underworld and Earth is violently ripped apart. How can a handful of deceased X-Men make a difference in Chaos King's war against life? Get ready for the startling answer when the most unique team of mutants ever bands together to save the Earth from eternal darkness. Then, Alpha Flight gets in on the action in a battle larger than life or death! And the God Squad launch a last, desperate plan to halt Mikaboshi's march towards oblivion!