New DVD's for the Kids Room


Brave : Princess Merida, an archer and self-reliant young woman, makes a decision which defies custom and brings chaos to her kingdom. To restore her kingdom, she must rely on her bravery and archery skills. 



madagascar 3.jpeg

Madagascar 3 : Europe's Most Wanted : Your favorite characters are back in their most hilarious adventure yet! Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria are on the run through Europe in this wildly-entertaining and outrageous comedy critic's call 'charming and very funny'! With the fame-loving King Julian and take-charge Penguins, the whole crew joins the circus to escape Captain Dubois of Animal Control.



my friend bernard.jpeg My Friend Bernard : Sam is a shy boy who is afraid of almost everything, from those strange shadows in his room at night to the small dog in his neighborhood. Everything just seems too scary for him! However, one day Sam meets Bernard, a polar bear who isn't afraid of anything. Bernard takes Sam on an epic adventure and helps him lose his fear of flying and snowboarding, which allows him to face the biggest monster with humor! Includes bonus features.



pixar 2.jpegPixar Short Films Collection v. 2 : Disney and Pixar present an incredible new collection of 12 short films, featuring multiple Academy Award nominees (best short film, animated: Presto, 2008; Day & Night, 2010; La Luna, 2011) and a host of family favorites. Join the celebration of imagination with this must-own collection, packed with unforgettable animation, fantastic stories, and captivating characters.





Snowmen : Three small-town boys hatch a plan to get their names in the Guinness World Records, ensuring their names will never be forgotten. Their plan: set a new record for making the most snowmen in a single day.


                                                                     And, some new additions for the Holidays :



Bailey.jpeg Adventures of Bailey, Christmas Hero : Its Christmas time at the Baker household and Bailey is at it again. Worried that he will not get any presents from Santa, Bailey learns about a mysterious Native American Indian brave who may be able to make his Christmas wishes come true. But when Bailey's misguided actions threaten his family's plans, Bailey is forced to make a big decision, one that just might enable him to finally understand the true meaning of Christmas.


Arthur Christmas.jpeg


Arthur Christmas : On Christmas at the North Pole, Santa's youngest son looks to use his father's high-tech operation for an urgent mission.



kung fu holiday.jpeg


Kung Fu Panda Holiday : Master Shifu puts Po in charge of hosting the Winter Feast, held to celebrate family and kung fu. Po recruits the Furious Five to help him make the event the best that the Valley of Peace has ever seen.



muppet christmas.jpeg


Muppet Christmas carol (Blu-Ray) : The classic family film is now on Blu-Ray! with special features such as : Disney intermission ; Muppet audio commentary ; Muppet holiday sing-along ; blooper reel ; Frogs, pigs and humbug: a behind-the-scenes look ; Christmas around the world ; audio commentary with the director ; Pepe's profiles presents.


santa vs snowman.jpeg


Santa vs. the Snowman : This hilarious story tells the tale of what happens when a snowman squares off against Santa and his elf army for the rights to the worldwide gift delivery franchise of the jolly man in red. Contains 2D and 3D version.


12 dogs.jpeg


12 Dogs of Christmas : Great Puppy Rescue : A teenage girl and her best friend race against time to save a dog orphanage from an evil tycoon