New Graphic Novels for February

Here's a selection of some of our newest titles -- be sure to look for more of your favorites in the YA area!!








Batman & Robin. Vol. 4, Dark knight vs. white knight -- After the death of Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, the first Robin, donned the iconic cape and cowl, with Wayne's son Damian under his wing as the new Robin. Protecting the city of Gotham has never been easy, but when the two are violently confronted by Batman's past, it becomes downright impossible.



The Avengers : Earth's mightiest heroes, the ultimate character guide -- Avengers Assemble! From Abomination to Wolverine, find out everything about your favorite Marvel Avengers super heroes and villains. This chunky, info-packed guide takes you alphabetically through the Avengers universe, shedding new light on characters like Iron Man, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Thor, and Captain America, giving you more detail about their powers, weaknesses, enemies, and origins than any other book on the market.


Afterschool charisma. Volume 5 -- St. Kleio Academy is a very exclusive school. To enroll, a student must be the clone of a famous historical figure. Wolfgang Mozart, Queen Elizabeth, Sigmund Freud, Marie Curie, Adolf Hitler--with such a combustible student body, it's only a matter of time before the campus explodes!  This volume features Adolf Hitler.



Superman. Return of doomsday -- Doomsday is the unstoppable force of evil that once killed the Man of Steel. He has returned to Metropolis and is targeting the other heroes and villains from the original Reign of the Supermen story but there's something different about Doomsday -- something even the Justice League of America might not be prepared for! Discover the shocking secret of his ultimate goal in attacking all these members of the Super-family.


X-Men : Schism -- In a world that hates and fears mutants, cyclops and wolverine have scratched and clawed to bring relative peace and stability to mutantkind. But that peace is about to be shattered. With destruction looming, Cyclops and Wolverine suddenly find themselves in a bitter fight for the future of the X-men.



Kekkaishi 3-in-1. Volumes 7-8-9 -- Yoshimori, Tokine, and their new ally Gen battle the Kokuboro, a cabal of ayakashi. But petty squabbles weaken the trio's defense. Can our heroes learn to work together before it's too late...?



Green Lantern : war of the Green Lanterns -- A malevolent force has usurped control over all the Green Lantern power batteries, leaving the Corps powerless except for a select few members. Now it's up to Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner, John Stewart, and Sinestro to regain control--but can these warriors overcome their differences in time to save the universe?



Future Foundation. Vol. 2 -- Black Bolt has returned from seeming death; Dr. Doom, the Wizard, the Mad Thinker, and Diablo have joined the Future Foundation; and four alternate-reality Reed Richardses are scheming to ignite war among the fabled Four Cities. But all that could be moot because the Kree Supreme Intelligence has designs on Earth's destruction -- the resolution of a power play 300,000 years in the making. Now the realm of the Inhumans, Attilan, has appeared abone the planet -- a harbinger not only of its ruler's return but also of an epic conflagration with the High Evolutionary.


Warriors : Skyclan & the stranger. #2, Beyond the code -- Leafstar, having escaped from the Twoleg's home with the help of Billystorm and her Clanmates, finds more trouble when Sol joins the ranks of the SkyClan and his actions bring about a disaster, leaving Leafstar to decide if trusting a stranger in her ranks is worth risking the clan's future.



Batman : The black mirror -- A series of brutal murders push Batman's detective skills to the limit and force him to confront one of Gotham City's oldest evils. In a second story, the corpse of a killer whale shows up on the floor of one of Gotham City's foremost banks. The event begins a strange and deadly mystery that will bring Batman face to face with the new, terrifying faces of organized crime in Gotham.



New Mutants. Fall of the New Mutants -- As the New Mutants struggle to pick up the pieces after their toughest battle ever, some forced R & R helps them rediscover the strong ties that have kept them a team since they were teenagers. But a new enemy called Project Purgatory has the team in its crosshairs, and the New Mutants suddenly find themselves dragged away from vacation and into the hellish dimension of Limbo. The secret they uncover there will shock them, and it could very well be the final straw that breaks the New Mutants once and for all.


Black butler. Volume 8 -- When one curtain falls upon the big top stage, another rises behind the scenes, as young Earl Ciel Phantomhive and his virtuoso butler, Sebastian, face off against the villain absconding with the missing children. But as Sebastian, under orders from his master, single-handedly draws the gruesome tale to its sad conclusion on one front, battle lines are drawn on another! With the masterless Phantomhive Manor under attack from the Noah's Ark Circus, and Sebastian nowhere nearby to protect its inhabitants, is Ciel's home once again headed for the same tragedy that took the lives of his parents?


Superman : Grounded. Volume 2 -- Determining which side of the fray he's on has never been his battle... until now. Filled with newly gained perspective, Superman questions his mission on Earth. Wouldn't it be easier to help people anonymously, without the burden of being a national symbol as well? For answers, the Man of Tomorrow turns to the advice of some who know him best -- Batman, The Flash, and Wonder Woman.



The Avengers. Vol. 2 -- The Illuminati thought their days as the world's protectors were over -- until the Hood escaped from prison and embarked on a quest to gather the all-powerful Infinity Gems, which the super-secret brain trust had taken responsibility for safeguarding. Now, Iron Man, Professor X, Mr. Fantastic, the Sub-Mariner, Dr. Strange, and Black Bolt will face a reckoning like never before when Steve Rogers -- former Captain America, current commander of the Avengers -- learns of their years-long subterfuge.