OverDrive eBooks: New Nonfiction Titles

New titles are added to the Library's OverDrive collection every week.  Here are some great new nonfiction titles that have been added recently.  If the eBook you want is already checked out, you can place a hold on it.  You will be notified by email when it is available.






Behind the Beautiful Forevers: Life, Death, and Hope in a Mumbai Undercity, by Katherine Boo. 

boo.jpgFrom Pulitzer Prize-winner Katherine Boo, a landmark work of narrative nonfiction that tells the dramatic and sometimes heartbreaking story of families striving toward a better life in one of the twenty-first century's great, unequal cities.



Quiet: the Power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop Talking, by Susan Cain. 

At least one-third of the people we know are introverts.  quiet.jpgAlthough they are often labeled "quiet," it is to introverts that we owe many of the great contributions to society--from van Gogh's sunflowers to the invention of the personal computer.  Passionately argued, impressively researched, and filled with indelible stories of real people, "Quiet "shows how dramatically we undervalue introverts, and how much we lose in doing so.


 Stealing the Mystic Lamb: the True Story of the World's Most Coveted Masterpiece, by Noah Charney. 

Jan lamb.jpgvan Eyck's Ghent Altarpiece is on any art historian's list of the ten most important paintings ever made.  It is also the most frequently stolen artwork of all time.  Since its completion in 1432, this twelve-panel oil painting has been stolen a total of thirteen times.  In this fast-paced, real-life thriller, art historian Noah Charney unravels the stories of each of these thefts, while illuminating the whole fascinating history of art crime, and the complex motivations that have led many men to covet this one masterpiece above all others.  This purchase of this eBook was made possible by the Alfandari Memorial Gift. 


iPhone 4S for Dummies, by Edward C. Baig. 
   iphone300.jpg        Covers the iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, and iPhone 3GS.  Learn to set up your iPhone, send and receive email, download apps, browse the web, capture and share photos and video, listen to music, make video calls with FaceTime, get organized with Reminders, and stay connected with Notification Center. 



The Fabric of the Cosmos: Space, Time, and the Texture of Reality, by Brian Greene.


From Brian Greene, one of the world's leading physicists and author of the Pulitzer Prize finalist The Elegant Universe, comes a grand tour of the universe that makes us look at reality in a completely different way.  Basis for the Nova series of the same name. 




The Vow: the True Events that Inspired the Movie, by Kim Carpenter. 


Now a major motion picture starring Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum, The Vow tells the true story of Kim and Krickett Carpenter, a couple that defied the odds and fell in love with each other again after Krickett suffered brain damage and memory loss following a car accident.



What I Talk About When I Talk About Running: a Memoir, by Haruki Murakami. 

 running.jpgAn intimate look at writing, running, and the incredible way they intersect, from bestselling author Haruki Murakami. While simply training for New York City Marathon would be enough for most people, Haruki Murakami's decided to write about it as well. The result is a beautiful memoir about his intertwined obsessions with running and writing, full of vivid memories and insights, including the eureka moment when he decided to become a writer.


Ali in Wonderland: and Other Tall Tales, by Ali Wentworth. 

ali_0.jpgGrowing up in a family of political journalists—and daughter of President Reagan's White House social secretary—Ali Wentworth rebelled against her blue-blood upbringing, embracing Hollywood, motorcycles, even a few wildly inappropriate marriage proposals. Today she is an acclaimed comedic actress and writer, former Oprah regular, wife of political and media star George Stephanopoulos, and a mother who lets her two girls eat cotton candy before bed. Though she's settled down, her rebellious nature thrives in her comedy and her view of her crazy world.  As charming and off-the-wall as Ali herself, Ali in Wonderland is an entertaining look at life that is both intimate and hilarious.