Patron Book Review: Drawing in the Dust by Zoe Klein

     Drawing dust.jpgAn archeological dig in Israel brings forth 2 romantic loves, a present one and an ancient one as well as a love between people of different beliefs and race. The language in this book is so beautiful it is pure poetry and one keeps wishing it would never end. Everything feels so real, it is difficult to believe that it is a work of fiction. The love of Anatiya for the prophet Jeramiah is so powerful that when she sets her eyes on him, she loses the power of speech. Those involved in the dig to find the remnants of the ancient couple are a Christian, an Orthodox Jew, two secular Jewish young women and a Muslim married couple. While working together all religious and race barriers disappear and they develop a deep love for one another, united in their quest. This is an extraordinary book, a must read.

Submitted by RS on July 29, 2011