Patron Book Review: Reading My Father, by Alexandra Styron

This tell-all book gave me everything I wanted to know about one of my favorite authors Bill Styron. Who would havreading-my-father-by-alexan.jpge thought that at times he had such a mean streak that made his own children afraid of him? The family lived a bohemian, glamorous life, surrounded by famous people, which has shades of the life of Scott Fitzgeral. He had an unconventional marriage, since Rose, his wife would just take off for days or weeks to do her volunteer jobs in NY and leave the four children in the care of a succesion of servants and/or to a husband who would nap during the day not worrying about what the small children were doing. It is a wonder that they turned out so well. He was a brilliant writer, almost a genius but oh, those bouts with depression! they were not easy on him or his family. Great read, except I would have like it not to jump back and forth from the present to the past and vice versa.

Submitted by R.S. on August 5, 2011