Resources for Coping

Talking to Kids about Sensitive Topics


In light of recent events we wanted to provide some resources to help Parents, Teachers and Cargivers disscuss tragedy and death.  Attached you will find a book list (ranging from Picture Books, Nonfiction, and Chapter Books) that deal with subjects such as death, coping, grieving, anxiety and loss.

The American Psychological Association provides some tips such as "Talking to your children", "Limiting News Exposure" and "Know the Warning Signs".

The New York University Child Study Center has an article on "Helping Children Feel Safe in Unsafe Times".

The National Association of School Psychologists has some resources in both English and Spanish  to help children cope.

National Institute of Mental Health has provided a list of how parents and cargivers can help any child who is having a tough time.

GenerationOn has a list of activities to help children feel empowered create change in the face of tragedy.