Stoddard Art Lecture

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Frank Robinson, the immediate past Richard J. Schwartz Director of the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art at Cornell University, delivered the inaugural Stoddard Art Lecture, “Rembrandt: The Intimate World of A Genius,” on Sunday, September 25 in the Library’s Adrian Lamb Room.  A reception followed in the Curtis Gallery. 



Prior to his appointment at Cornell in 1992, Mr. Robinson was director of the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design Museum.  He is a graduate of Harvard University, taught six years at Dartmouth College and four years at Williams College, where he was director of the graduate program in the History of Art and also Director of the Williams College Museum. He retired from the directorship of the Johnson Museum on June 30, 2011.  Mr. Robinson is a widely published scholar of 17th century Dutch art.



About the Stoddard Art Lecture Series

Around this time last year, a donor to the Library came to us with an opportunity.  A very good friend, Pat Stoddard, was celebrating a milestone birthday, and this donor wanted to make a gift to her that would speak to the kind of person she is—intelligent, curious, altruistic, artistic—a true lifelong learner.  Pat and her husband, Hud, have long been friends, leaders, users, and advocates of New Canaan Library, so the donor knew that the Library was the perfect place to honor them both.  This donor presented an opportunity to the Library—with an initial gift, find a way to honor both of the Stoddards (because they are a team), that will be lasting, will benefit others, will allow others to honor the Stoddards, too, and will improve the Library.  Many ideas were presented, but the “a-ha moment” was the idea of an art lecture series.

It was great fun to deliver the good news that an endowment fund was started for the Stoddard Art Lecture Series.  Pat and Hud were touched by the thoughtfulness and inspired by the possibilities.  A committee was formed and ultimately a mission evolved:  The Stoddard Art Lecture Series will enrich and broaden the community’s understanding and enjoyment of the visual arts in its various forms.  This will be an endowed series, meaning that once the fund reaches $50,000 from contributions by the original donor and others, the lecture series will operate into perpetuity.  A lasting gift, honoring lifelong learners, benefiting others and improving the Library.