Teen Movie Review: Avatar: The Last Airbender

I hate myself right now! I hate myself! Why? Dear lord, have you read the title? I regret the fact that my big brother had to buy this for me. This entire movie is pissing me off! Where do I begin? Okay, let me give it a shot! I’m going to try! This movie is NOT good (and I’m saying that nicely). If you’re a fan of the anime series: Avatar: the Last Airbender don’t buy this film. It’s a big financial regret for me being a fan of the series. This is going to be one of the angriest reviews I’ve ever written! But now, enough about that, let’s get this started. Down to business!

Okay um! I hate you M. Night Shyamalan, how dare you ruin something so good with your stupid ideas? By the way your name is really hard to spell!?!? Jerk! First of all: he changed there names. When you take already existing characters, from some form of TV or book, and you comment on the actual show ALL THE TIME and use it for marketing, then you don’t keep there names the same. The fans are already confused! This show was created by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, who are both American. The reason the names are changed is because he thought they weren’t authentic enough….Really? That’s the lamest excuse I’ve ever heard in my life. But that’s not the worst! There’s much more! Second of all: the casting was wrong. The kid that played Aang is really good; I can honestly believe he’s the Avatar; he’s got the right look for the part. One point! But then everything else goes to hell. Minus eighteen points! Sokka is not funny, he can’t fight and he’s too strict, it’s like he’s got a pole up his butt. The character stunk; you ruined a really popular character. Good job ya jerk! Katara has really no personality which is NOT true to the series; she’s one of the most important characters. I mean she’s really sweet and drops water on Sokka’s head in the beginning. It’s funny but that onto it’s self cannot support a movie! She’s Jean Grey series and they gave her the personality of a toothbrush. Uncle (I’m calling him Uncle, sorry) is beastly but there are little flaws. Like he’s cool! But Uncle is suppose to be an obsessed with tea fat jolly old man. But in this version: he’s a tall very intelligent man! The only consistent thing is that he truly cares for Zuko, his nephew. Thank you one good thing!

Third of all: the characters don’t look right. This is lame excuse, I’m sorry! Truly I am! But I really likes this series, to the point where I considered buying the seasons (yeah this is that good a series). But instead I got this DVD crap! Now I like the actor that plays Zuko and the kid that plays Aang. Because they make the characters believable! You can honestly believe they are real people, who go through these problems. However every other character has several flaws.

Now I really like Prince Zuko, because he’s a really interesting character and he’s really badass (also kinda cute, in the anime and in the movie), this is the only character that got any justice. He’s the villain, but he acts like a confused kid, which he is. He’s the banished prince of a nation souly comprised of really angry and emotionally inept people. So you know that he’s got no chance of being a normal happy teenager. SPOILER ALERT! It’s important that they have his father beating him during an “Agni Kai”, which is a Firebending fight of epic proportions, and because he refused to fight his own father; his father blasted him in the face PERMENENTLY scarring him and then banished him. Do you think he was upset because he didn’t win father of the year? This guy is such a jerk! I’m always surprised Zuko didn’t turn out to be completely psychopath. This character is missing something really important though that makes him unique and is where he derives his anger from: his mother. She’s never talked about once in the movie! However in the show she’s talked about all the time, Zuko was really close to her and she just disappeared. She just vanished no known reason why! It’s later revealed that she died to save him, so that his father would learn what it’s like to loose a son and relate better to Uncle, however it’s never stated as a fact but it’s implied (A LOT). So that’s why character I really like from this film!

Fourth of all: the name of the film. Why do I have a problem with the name? The name is wrong! This is a show called “Avatar the Last Airbender”, long I know but it’s the name. When you’re taking a series and making it into a movie, you have to keep the name of the original series. It’s like a law in the movie making business! Now I understand that there was another movie coming out called “Avatar”, I went to see that movie because I thought it was this movie. Giant blue alien smurfs….Never reviewing that one! But anyway, M. Night Shyamalan wanted to avoid any form of lawsuit. Which I understand trying to avoid a lawsuit! But seriously you can call of the same name of the show; they won’t kill you (the fans might but not the suits). It’s okay! Fifth of all: the graphics are kinda weird. I can’t really explain it but there is something not right about the way they did it. It’s not visually appealing. There are some characters that are created by using CGI. How do I know that? Because it’s so obvious that it stars right at you saying: “LOOK I’M NOT REAL!” Sixth of all: Firebenders can create there own fire. It’s well known in the whole series, it’s one of the first things you pick up on after five minutes of seeing the show. And you see the proof in the pudding! I don’t understand why they needed to change that, seriously creating fire is really cool. It made them different; you could understand why the other nations were afraid of them. However this version, you manipulate the water and get rid of the flames then you beat them with sticks.

The sixth and last problem I have with this movie is: they set it up to make a second film. They honestly did! At the end of the movie they set it up indicating that they were going to make a sequel. They showed a lot of Princess Azula, which as soon as you looked at her and they then mentioned her name over and over. They set it up the right way for a sequel, but because this movie bombed so badly there not going to create a sequel. Oh well the stain on M. Night Shyamalan career that it was! So if your curious about this movie, watch the show it is SO much better then this crappy movie. Bye!

-- Spike the Firebender, 11th grade