Teen Movie Review: Just Wright

"Just Wright" is brilliant! It's funny, charming, cute, and it's got basketball. It’s a film for teens AND adults. Queen Latifa proved that she deserves the title of queen. She owns this character and made her totally real; plus I'm a huge fan of her work, (she's got the Midas touch; everything she's in turns to gold, plus she's really cool). The stars Common and Queen Latifa have good on screen chemistry, which just adds to the realism of this film. Plus they are both musicians! SPOILER ALERT, they incorporated that into the film for a little.

This film is so cool! It makes you think, but it also makes you hate all the characters you're supposed to hate: the cousin and the mom. The mom only cares about her daughter "getting a man," and she reeks of materialism. Then there's Morgan, she’s the cousin/godsister (they are never clear about that), and she's just an awful person! She's a user! She’s also so selfish, she only wants to date Common because he’s a professional basketball player and then use his name to make herself richer by designing clothing. Plus she's blocking her cousin's chance for happiness. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy, but this is WAY TOO painful. But she learns in the end, they both do.

In the end, true love conquers all the while also being able to give a few laughs along the way. While showing a hint of drama, oh, and when I say hint I mean: A SMACK UPSIDE THE HEAD of drama. But hey, that's life! This movie is enjoyable and cool. It's different then most sport movies that focus on an entire team; this movie shows the realism of one character, one particular player. It shows you all the pain, pressure, loneliness, support, and joy of the game. It's a cool refreshing film!

-- Spike the Former Queen of Basketball, 11th grade