Teen Review: Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy

When you log your reading for our teen summer reading club, you can write a review of what you've read. This is one of those reviews.

When I first picked up Anna Karenina, I wasn't sure if I would actually finish it--c'mon, it's written in old English, is over 800 pages, and is going to take up wayyyy too much of my time when studying for finals. But, after reading the first chapter (which really isn't much when you consider that chapter breaks are every three or four pages), I completely fell in love with it. From the elegant balls and fancy dresses to the most depressing moments, it was exactly the kind of romance novel I'd been looking for--it featured an ending that satisfied both as a tragedy and as, one might call it, "the perfect ending". I cried for Kitty when she watched the man who was courting her fall in love with her idol. I felt for Anna when I found out she wasn't in her marriage for love, just for reputation. In fact, the book's translation flowed so well into modern English that it wasn't until the end that I remembered "oh, wait, I'm actually reading a Russian novel....". The only downside to all the ups was that Levin sometimes droned on for PAGES about his agricultural improvements *yawn*. Anna Karenina is the perfect read for any teen (any person, really!) who loves a good romance, and I truly recommend going to the library to check it out. Now.

-- L.K., 11th grade

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