Teen Review: The Serious Kiss by Mary Hogan

When you log your reading for our teen summer reading club, you can write a review of what you've read. This is one of those reviews.

I really liked The Serious Kiss by Mary Hogan.  She did a great job making her characters believable and easy to relate to. Although I haven't had to experience all of the awful things that Libby, the main character, had to go through, I can sympathize with her. I feel very lucky not to have an alcoholic father who loses everything and forces our family to move to a retirement trailer park with a grandma that i've never met in the middle of no where. But most of all, I am extremely happy not to be Libby and have to leave my house, school, best friend and almost boyfriend. This book makes you really think about your own life and hopefully realize like I did, that life isn't always as bad as it seems.

-- T. R., 8th grade

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