Teen Review: Wonder Woman, vol. 1: Odyssey

Wonder Woman, vol. 1: Odyssey was super cool! When I say super cool I mean: AWESOME. Wonder Woman got a new wardrobe and it looks awesome on her, it’s not like the one that she used to wear. That looked like a swimsuit (dangit male dominated society). It’s like a one piece and a leather jacket! It’s really cool, a fresh new look to a classic character! But it also has her classic bracelets and tiara. So yeah she’s keeping true to her roots and still makes you look like she’s going to kick your a**.

Now the story appears to be: the Amazons have fallen, so Wonder Woman and a group of fellow Amazons move into a building in, I’m not sure. Hmmmm…. Okay foreword! It’s really cool! Wonder Woman is a bada**! She gets into fights and she wins, but the weird thing is she bleeds. Wait hold on…..Lies, she’s indestructible, Google proved it. Dangit already a lie! Now I understand: it makes the character more human, but it’s really cool that normal human pain can’t affect to her. Now I’m getting down into the nerdy side of life: Wonder Woman is part of the Trinity. The Trinity is: Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. They are famous in the DC Universe! They're notorious for being the three most powerful you don’t want to mess with. If I was in the DC Universe, being the person I am and I saw them walking down the street or just standing in front of me. I’d poo my pants and run away! Screaming like a little girl! What’s my point? Oh yeah! Superman and Batman never make an appearance, there not even mentioned. This is a really good fact because it keeps the focus on Wonder Woman, which is something that a lot of DC comic books are guilty of doing.

This comic book is amazing! I really like it! It proved how much of a bada** Wonder Woman is and that’s why I really like it. If you’re a fan of Wonder Woman or you’ve ever wanted to see a really cool female super hero that will make you proud to be a woman. Then pick of this comic book and read it. It’s very cool and gave me new found respect for Wonder Woman. Yeah new role models!

-- Spike the Amazon, 11th grade