What's waiting for you?

The cold weather is finally here!  When I see those first snowflakes, I really look forward to cozying up with a great book or movie. 
On my side table right now are: new -  Stephen King, 11/22/1963, old - Postmortem by Patricia Cornwell, and for something a little different, Finny by Justin Kramon.  
I have just purchased a Blu Ray player, so I have a few movies that I can't wait to see in hi-def.  The New Transformers:  Dark of the Moon is on the top of a pile that also includes Captain America,  Green Hornet and On Stranger Tides.
As the cold weather arrives, I look forward to spending some time reading and watching movies.  What's on your list to read or see as the weather turns cold.  Let us know!