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Will the Library get multiple copies of the book my book club is reading?


Of course!  Our Book Group Collection is quite large.  If you find the title is not available in our collection, just fill out this form.  We do need to know 6 weeks in advance of your meeting to purchase and process the books.



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I'm not sure what our book group should read next, do you have any suggestions?


Yes, yes, yes!  One our favorite things to do is reader advisory.  Talk to all of us and you will get a different recommendation each time.  If you can't come in, check out BookBrowse, they have an incredible selection of recommendations.



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Our group has already chosen a title, do you have any discussions questions to start us off?


Yes.  Here are a few:


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I'd love to start my own book group.  What am I getting into?!?!


A book discussion group is simply a group of people who get together on a regular basis to discuss books. Have some fun, make friends, read great books.  Look here for more guidance.


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AHHHH! I love the book our group has chosen...I'm supposed to lead the meeting and I can't find a single discussion question!


Relax.  Most books don't have questions.  A lot of times they don't come out until the paperback is printed.  Not to worry though, check out these generic questions to get you started.