Category: Art & Music
Location: Curtis Gallery

Abandoned factories and crumbling buildings hardly seem the stuff of artistic inspiration, but indeed they are for local artist Lara Ivanovic. Ms. Ivanovic’s richly hued and sometimes unsettling pieces make this a spectacular and thought-provoking exhibition. “Abandonment” opens at New Canaan Library’s H. Pelham Curtis Gallery on Sunday, June 1, with a reception at 3:00 p.m.  The opening reception is open to the public and all are invited to attend.

Lara’s travels in Australia’s vast outback provided soulful inspiration for her work. “I was struck by the eerie, ghostly quality of the barren landscape, inhabited only by abandoned buildings and rusty cars.” That ethereal quality translates into her more recent work and this exhibition, “Abandonment.”  The series depicts commercial buildings in New York, under construction. With feathery brushstrokes, blurred edges and hypnotic hues, Lara’s paintings evoke feelings of both shadowy pasts and sunny futures.

This exhibit is sponsored by the Art Committee, Friends of New Canaan Library. The curators are Ann Barua and Diane Kerner.