Alison Rhodes, The Safety Mom

Category: Speakers & Lecture Series
Location: Adrian Lamb Room

Alison Rhodes, a national family safety expert and founder of Safety Mom Solutions, will speak at The New Canaan Library on Thursday, March 1, at 7:30 p.m., in the Lamb Room. Her topic will be "Caring For Your Aging Parents: What Adult Children Must Know to Keep Their Parents Safe at Home."

Falls and fall-related injuries are the leading cause of death and hospitalization among seniors. Every year, nearly 2 million seniors are treated for non-fatal falls in the emergency room. The majority of these falls happen in their own home. Senior falls impose an enormous burden on individuals, their families, society, and the nation’s health care system. As the population of the United States ages, this problem will increase exponentially. It is estimated that $19 billion is spent annually on treating the elderly from the adverse effects of falls. 
During this presentation,  we will discuss various concerns and how to recognize signs of a problem, and we will provide resources to assist our aging parents and relatives.  This will include:
·         Fall prevention measures
·         Home modification requirements
·         Recognizing signs that your parents might not be caring for themselves
·         Fire safety and evacuation plans
·         Emergency preparedness
·         Safety measures for Alzheimer’s and dementia
·         Elder planning and family mediation
Alison believes that a child’s parents are their greatest safety advocate and coach’s parents that when it comes to dealing with their children, it’s important to be parents first and friends second. Alison brings this same kind of common sensibility to the adult caregiver and seniors markets.  Her ability to connect with parents, caregivers, and seniors in a down-to-earth, uplifting, and engaging manner while providing important information has made Alison a popular guest on many national television shows, including The Today ShowFox & FriendsGood Morning AmericaCNN International,CNBC Squawk Box, and The Doctors. Through her appearances, blog, and articles, she reaches millions of people every month with advice on how to maintain sanity while keeping everyone in the family happy and safe. Her first book, Honey I Lost the Baby in the Produce Aisle! The Safety Mom’s Guide to Childproofing Your Life, has been an instant success with parents and experts alike.