Anita Houston Lecture with David Kirkpatrick

Category: Speakers & Lecture Series
Location: Adrian Lamb Room

David D. Kirkpatrick is the Cairo bureau chief and Middle East correspondent for The New York Times. His first day on that job was in January, 2011, the week before the ouster of President Zine al Abidine Ben Ali set off the revolt of the Arab spring, and he covered all three revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya. Before that, he worked as a Washington correspondent, covering Congress, Supreme Court nominations, the lobbying industry and the presidential races in 2004 and 2008. In 2004, he focused on the American Christian conservative movement. He has covered the book business and the media industry for the Times. He was previously a fact-checker at the New Yorker, a reporter at the Wall Street Journal and a contributing editor at New York magazine. He is married to Laura R. Bradford, granddaughter of Anita Houston, and they live in Cairo with their two young sons.

The United Nations Committee of New Canaan began in 1952 in response to President Eisenhower's appeal to local communities to honor the US-UN relationship annually on the day in October when the UN was formed in 1945. The Committee has recognized this date annually, engaged throughout the year in various activities which highlight international issues and encourage international understanding. A recent example is the Committee's Aid Afghanistan School Project, which was dedicated to funding the start-up of two schools in northeastern Afghanistan offering a two-year "catch-up" curriculum to Afghan girls denied access to education during the Taliban rule. Prior to that effort, the Committee raised the funds necessary to clear land mines from a Cambodian village.

The Committee was led for years by Anita Houston, often referred to as New Canaan's "Ambassador to the World", devoted as she was to the United Nations and to international understanding.  In memory of her abiding interest in international issues challenging both the United States and the United Nations, the Committee has established, with the aid and support of the Houston family, a annual lecture in her memory.