Art Exhibit - Photographs by Sarah Hood Salomon

Category: Art & Music
Location: Curtis Gallery

An exhibition of unique photographs by Sarah Hood Salomon, in which the manipulation of the camera while the shutter is open transforms light in “brush strokes,” will be next on view in the H. Pelham Curtis gallery of the New Canaan Library. Sponsored by the Friends of the Library, the exhibit, “Unopened Drawers,” will be on view through December 1.

Maryland artist Sarah Hood Salomon created these images in this exhibit over a three-year period, primarily in the area’s forests and parklands. Through her technique of moving the camera, she blurs the lines between objects to abstract and reveal more of their essence, reducing them to colors, shapes, and lines. The result is to show the scene, not in the instant of time when a camera shutter clicks, but as a confluence of several moments representing “the juncture of several slivers of time in a single image.”

Sarah Hood Salomon is a resident of Bethesda, Maryland.  Her work has garnered several first place and “best in show” awards in photography exhibits around the country. She is a volunteer at the U. S Botanic Garden, and is the curator of their upcoming exhibit, “This Land is Your Land,” opening in 2014.  See more on the artist's website>>