Author Larry Doyle: "In Bed With Wall Street"

Category: Authors
Location: Adrian Lamb Room

Larry Doyle will present his latest book, "In Bed With Wall Street," on Tuesday, April 22 at 7:00 p.m. in the Adrian Lamb Room. Mr. Doyle is a former mortgage-backed securities trader who has worked for the First Boston Corporation, Bear Stearns, Union Bank of Switzerland, Bank of America, and JP Morgan Chase. He also served as Chair of the Mortgage Trading Committee for the Public Securities Association (PSA). Doyle is a contributing author for a number of news outlets and financial sites including the widely read Seeking Alpha, Before It’s News, Business Insider, and Daily Markets, among others. His work has been featured in Bloomberg Businessweek, Chicago Sun-Times, Financial Times, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and Yahoo! Finance. He currently runs his own investment practice and lives in Connecticut.


"In Bed With Wall Street" exposes the revolving door of Wall Street, wherein the regulators are all former or future employees of the very firms they’re tasked with overseeing, and how they routinely serve the interests of the industry itself rather than protecting investors, markets, consumers, and the American taxpayer.

The "Distinguished Authors Series on Economics" is presented in partnership with The New Canaan Chamber of Commerce, the Alliance of Business Professionals, and Elm Street Books. Other programs feature authors Jim Rickards on May 15 and Stephen Roach on May 21.

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