Authors on Stage - Chris DeRose

Category: Authors
Location: Adrian Lamb Room


Abraham Lincoln as president has long been a topic of much interest. Now, his personal life and political career leading up to that point has become the focus of author and political strategist Chris DeRose’s most recent release, Congressman Lincoln: The Making of America’s Greatest President. Met the author on Tuesday, March 19 at 7:00 p.m. The event, co-sponsored by Elm Street Books, is part of the Authors on Stage series and will be held in the Adrian Lamb Room.

Congressman Lincoln offers a complete and multi-layered portrait of Abraham Lincoln’s ambitious, and often controversial, early political career. Drawing from the unpublished and extensive “Papers of Abraham Lincoln,” and the secret diaries and private correspondence of Lincoln’s colleagues, DeRose has brought to light this often overlooked - but highly consequential - period of time when Lincoln served in the House of Representatives. 

Abraham Lincoln arrived in Washington in 1847, largely unknown. His struggles to outmaneuver political adversaries and leverage friendships had made him the surprising victor of the Whig Party nomination to the House of Representatives. At the end of his single term he left hardly a victor –seemingly defeated, disliked and out of office. Yet what actually transpired during the years 1847-1849, revealed the true measure of the man, and became the groundwork that shaped the future president. With keen insight into a side of Lincoln never so thoroughly investigated before, Congressman Lincoln explores this extraordinary, unpredictable, and oftentimes conflicted turning point in his career.

Chris DeRose is the author of Founding Rivals: Madison vs. Monroe, the Bill of Rights, and the Election that Saved a Nation, named by The Washington Post as one of the "Best Political Books of 2011." DeRose is an attorney and political strategist who, for the past fifteen years, has served in countless capacities during political campaigns in five different states. Recent highlights include serving as Director of Election Day Operations for the Governor of Virginia in his historic 2009 landslide victory, and as campaign manager for Congressman Sean Duffy.