Authors on Stage Welcomes Bill Evans

Category: Authors
Location: Adrian Lamb Room

More and more, scientists and media are buzzing about solar storms and the shifting of magnetic north, just two of the current weather phenomena which threaten to change life on Earth as we know it.  Beyond global warming, there is even more changing on our planet and in the atmosphere every day. The lack of popular concern for such scientific findings is what led nationally-known meteorologist Bill Evans to write his newest science-based thriller: Dry Ice.

With all of his books, Evans seeks to make complex ecological issues accessible to everyone—he has previously explored such issues as the serious threats of hurricanes and the sources of energy deep beneath our oceans that we have yet to harness. With Dry Ice, Evans, along with co-author Marianna Jameson, looks at the many technological ways that weather can be manipulated—and how businesses might use these weather changes to profit at the cost of human, animal, and plant life.

Dry Ice_1.JPGBehind much of this technology, Evans points out, are the theories of the scientist Nikola Tesla, who is now widely recognized to have been years ahead of his time in his work on electricity and magnetism. Tesla proved that wireless transmission of extra low frequency radio waves (ELF) could shake the Earth to its core or affect the ionosphere of the planet, creating all types of phenomena. You could fry the electronics of an aircraft in flight...and you could make weather, which inspired Dry Ice.

As more and more businesses attempt to control the environment, while ignoring the very real threats that exist out there, the more we are all in danger. As more and more natural disasters are occurring on our planet, Evans imagines the greed and hubris that could really be behind them.

Bill Evans is the multiple Emmy Award-winning senior meteorologist for WABC, Channel 7 in New York City. He can be heard on WPLJ Radio and has appeared on Good Morning, America and many other television programs. Evans and his family live in Connecticut.

Marianna Jameson has extensive experience writing for the aerospace, defense, and software industries. She is also the author of Big Trouble and My Hero. She lives in Texas.

Together, Evans and Jameson have written the New York Times bestseller Category 7, as well as Frozen Fire.