Authors on Stage with Mike Turpin, author of "Bicentennial Rex"

Category: Authors
Location: Adrian Lamb Room

Mike Turpin will be at the library to discuss his latest book, Bicentennial Rex.

About the book:

It's December 1975 and life has taken a precipitous turn for neoconservative insurance agent Karl Patton. While his own family remains in the tenuous grip of Karl's fascist rule, the winds of political change and social liberation are tearing at edifice of his nuclear family. It is indeed a time of tumult with a generation of broken young men returning from Vietnam and young adults cynical to the institutions that once defined the nation and made it great. With the Grand Ole Party reeling from the fall of Saigon and Watergate, the conservative private sector is also under attack by progressive social engineers espousing affirmative action quotas, condemning the tyranny of white male leadership and urging income redistribution to correct the course of society. As the Democrats mount a concerted effort to take back the White House, the once rigid and spotless fabric of America is being soiled by feckless politicians, sex, drugs and rock 'n roll. As temptation probes every corner of his picket fenced world, Karl Patton must rely on brute force, ingenuity and his clairvoyant spouse, Susie, to help him navigate the unfamiliar waters that represent a clear and present danger to his authority and way of life. Bicentennial Rex plunges us back into the nostalgic waters of brown shag carpet, free range kids and grab-ass. As a prequel to the novel, T-Rex By The Tail, we once again enter the primordial world of Karl Patton aka T-Rex, as he contends with a conveyor belt of do-gooders, liberal cretins and ethically challenged business associates -- all organized in a conspiracy to upend his tightly guarded and controlled world. It's touch and go whether the Patton children will emerge from this chrysalis of chaos to become justices of the Supreme Court or wards of the criminal justice system. Is this the beginning of the end for the Jurassic Father - the greatest dinosaur to ever haunt the aisles of the local hardware store?

Michael Turpin is a native of Southern California who has lived in Los Angeles, San Francisco, London and New York. For the last seven years he has been a contributing columnist for two Connecticut based Hearst newspapers, The New Canaan News and the Darien News. He is also regularly published in healthcare and business journals for his views on industry trends. Turpin has worked in the US and in Europe as a business insurance and healthcare consultant, served as regional CEO for an $8B division of a national insurer and led two firms as a national practice leader for healthcare and health reform. Having grown up with three brothers, a conservative father and "psychic" mother, he has entertained readers for the last six years sharing stories from the last great era of Jurassic Parenting - the 1970s. Bicentennial Rex is his second novel, following T-Rex By The Tail, published in 2012. He maintains a popular blog at

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