Authors on Stage with Nancy Goldstone

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Nancy Goldstone, author of The Maid and the Queen: the Secret History of Joan of Arc, will appear at The New Canaan Library on Monday, April 30, at 12 noon in the Adrian Lamb Room as part of the Authors on Stage program.


"No more compelling figure has ever emerged from the pages of history than Joan of Arc, the brave peasant girl who heard the voices of angels and restored the dauphin to his rightful place on the throne of France.  The mystery surrounding Joan’s story remains as mesmerizing today as it was when she first made her appearance some six centuries ago.  How had the Maid, a lowly commoner, gained an audience at the royal court?  How came she, an illiterate young woman from an insignificant, obscure, out-of-the-way village at the very edge of the kingdom, to know so much about the complex political situation in France, and, indeed, to see into the deepest recesses of her sovereign’s heart? What clandestine sign did Joan reveal to the dauphin that convinced him of her authenticity and inspired him to follow her advice?  How did a seventeen year old girl with no experience in warfare defeat the fearsome English army and raise the siege of Orléans in a single week? 

Now, to coincide with the 600th anniversary of the birth of Joan of Arc, for the first time all of these questions—and more—will be answered.  Six hundred years is a long time to wait for the truth, but I promise you that the secret history of the Maid of Orléans is far more thrilling and fascinating than the myth that was so carefully and deliberately constructed around her those many years ago…" - from the author's website