Dan Brown Live From Lincoln Center at New Canaan Library

Category: Authors
Location: Adrian Lamb Room

“An Evening of Codes, Symbols and Secrets”

March 26, 2013 –Fans of international best-selling author Dan Brown can look forward to this unique event on Wednesday, May 15, at 7:30 p.m.  New Canaan Library, in conjunction with Doubleday Books, will show a live stream of Dan Brown at Lincoln Center presenting his program, “An Evening of Codes, Symbols and Secrets”.  This will be Mr. Brown’s only public appearance at this time. Mr. Brown will speak about his newest novel, Inferno, (release date May 14) as well as some of the topics that figure so heavily in his novels: science, religion, and codes. Other areas he will discuss include book publishing, movie making, and a few surprises. The live stream will be shown in the Library’s Adrian Lamb Room.