Duvian Montoya Art Exhibit

Category: Art & Music
Location: Curtis Gallery

New Canaan Library is pleased to host "Sketchbook Moments and Painted Studies," an exhibit of Duvian Montoya's paintings and drawings, through March 25. Montoya's work embodies his Colombian cultural history, social issues, and his personal observations on everyday life.  After graduating from The School of Visual Art in Manhattan, Montoya traveled to Europe to study the techniques of the old masters.  He returned to the States and took up residence in New Mexico to develop his own unique painting style.  As his work matured, he came back to the Northeast to pursue his career in earnest. His art has been exhibited in many galleries around the country. Most recently, the state of Connecticut commissioned Duvian to create two large public art projects: one a mural at the South Norwalk train station, and the other a mural in New Haven's new Hill Central School.

More information about the work of Duvian Montoya can be found on the artist's website.

Artist's Statement - "My sketchbook is my personal journal of observations made during travels, family outings, life experiences or just from waiting in line somewhere in my day to day activities. These sketches allow me to reminisce about those moments: Where I was, when, and with whom. Moments and memories that remind me of what I was thinking and feeling at that particular moment in time.  Often the sketches inspire the creation of oil paintings on a larger scale."