Introduction to Blender for 3D Printing

Category: Classes and Workshops
Location: Tech Center

If you have worked with software for 3D Modeling such as  Tinkercad or 123D and feel like trying something more advanced, Blender is a good place to start.

Leading this class is Michael Richards, a 2D and 3D design enthusiast who have been using Blender for modeling, animation, movie special effects, and 3D printing for 4+ years.

Please note that this class is for intermediate users, it's assumed that the participants have some prior experience from 3D modeling and 3D printing.
Class Outline:
1 The Blender Interface
2 Manipulating Objects
3 Editing Shapes
4 Using Modifiers
5 Making 3D Text
6 Exporting Your Model
Checks and Fixes for 3D Printing
7 Scale and Measurements
8 Making Your Object Manifold
9 Checking Wall Thickness
10 Fixing Wall Thickness
11 Distorted Faces and Sharp Edges
12 Overhangs and Support
13 Making an Object Hollow