On Top of Google : Intro to Search Engine Optimization

Category: Classes and Workshops
Location: Adrian Lamb Room

Take a second and Google ‘connecticut wordpress’, ‘new york wordpress developer’, and ‘connecticut web developer’.  Odds are, you'll find Clint Warren (clintonwarren.com) staring back at you on the front page. These terms drive hundreds of people to his site per day and have generated several hundred thousand dollars worth of leads.  He’s spent the past 2 years researching and implementing search engine optimization strategies for himself and his clients, and his tactics have directly resulted in over $10 million in new revenue.

On October 4th at the New Canaan Public Library, Clint Warren will walk through step by step the process for optimizing websites in competitive fields and getting measurable results. In one session he'll cover what factors influence search rankings, how to determine which keywords are most valuable for your business, how to optimize your site’s content, how to determine what strategies competitors are using, and how to structure a long-term search engine marketing campaign.  Attendees will leave with a checklist for optimizing their site and an understanding of how to sell SEO as a service.

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About Clinton Warren

Online marketing expert Clint Warren left a career in finance 4 years ago to become a personal trainer and stumbled into web design while studying for his certification. He built a freelance business working with local companies, started to work on-site at design agencies, then co-founded Stacked Agency with partner Brian Casel, and founded Illuminate WP – a WordPress educational business. He is the organizer of 5 area Meetup groups, Vice President of the Westport Entrepreneurs, and regularly speaks on a range of topics.  He writes regularly on business strategy and personal growth at www.clintonwarren.com.