Robert Zembroski, author of "Cancer Victor - Beyond Survival"

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Location: Adrian Lamb Room


Cancer Victor – Beyond Survival

The Scientific research is clear 95% of cancer’s origin Is due to an unhealthful lifestyle and poor diet. Lifestyle factors like poor nutrition, obesity, too little physical activity, drinking and smoking, and exposure to environmental toxins are the chief culprits in triggering cancer.

Adopt the Cancer Victor Lifestyle! Come join Dr Z, founder of Cancer Victor – beyond survival, for an eye-opening lecture that will profoundly change you life!

Come learn the major triggers for the development of cancer

Discover what the scientific community is saying about environmental carcinogens

You will learn why poor nutrition and lifestyle create cancer

Discover certain nutrients proven to help prevent cancers return

Learn the 5 lifestyle changes you can make to today to rebuild after cancer care, and to prevent recurrence