Promote Your Website! - Workshop on Search Engine Optimization

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Location: Adrian Lamb Room

Examine current SEO best practices to increase brand awareness, web visibility, web traffic, organic rankings and domain authority. Understand how SEO works, why some pages rank highly and what to do to move the needle.

Two early registrants will be offered a free assessment in order to use their websites as examples of what they are doing right and what needs attention. Please call Scott at 203-952-6442.

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Scott Pierson is an SEO Consultant, speaker, blogger, trainer and adviser on the subject of search engine optimization. As a freelance SEO consultant with The Executive SEO, Scott’s most deafening kudos have been in helping companies develop an SEO culture, and a plan, surrounding the importance of Search Engine Optimization. His blog provides low-tech, elucidating perspectives on SEO that all executives should know. He works with businesses large and small, start-ups and non-profit organizations and provides both training and hands-on expertise in content strategies, link-building, on-page optimization and white hat best practices to improve search engine organic rankings.



The workshop will go from 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM, with a break for lunch at 12:30PM.


§  Bear Poop on Mars! #1 Ranking! Try it!

§  Understanding Why Some Pages Rank Highly

§  SEO Case Study

§  The Anatomy of a Search Result

§  Sites Don’t Rank. Pages Rank. The Nuclear Football

§  The 3 Pillars of SEO

§  What Moves Page Rankings?

§  The Importance of Keyword Research

§  Understanding Keywords and Indexing

§  Using Adwords’ Keyword Planning Tool

·         Lunch break

§  On-Page Optimization – Best Practices

§  How a Search Result Wins-the-Click

§  Google - The Ultimate Big Brother

§  Local SEO vs Organic SEO

§  Local SEO Infrastructure and must dos

§  How to Develop Trust and Authority

§  How to rank highly in a competitive market - Link Building 101

§  Creating Link Bait

§  Mobile SEO

§  SEO Resources