Teen Critics Meeting: Black Rabbit Summer (January 2012)

Category: Teens
Location: Teen Area

As kids they were tight. Now they've grown up and apart. Before going their separate ways for good, they decide to get together one last time. Just like old times. Just the five of them. Saturday night. Nicole asked. How could Pete say no?

But past hurts, personal histories, soon surface, and the party's over. The group splinters off into the darkness. Into the noise and heat and chaos of the summer carnival. Days later, a girl goes missing. And each of them is a suspect in her disappearance. Pete doesn't know what to believe. Could one of their own, one of the old gang, be a killer?

Join us on Monday, January 30th from 6-7pm in the Teen Area for pizza and a discussion of Black Rabbit Summer by Kevin Brooks! We'll also choose our book for February. Grades 7-9.