The 6-Figure Freelancer : Everything I've Learned Building My Consulting Business

Category: Classes and Workshops
Location: Adrian Lamb Room

Clint Warren left a career in finance 4 years ago to become a personal trainer, getting sidetracked by web development along the way.  Since then, he's built his consulting business from $16,000 per year to well over $16,000 per month.  In this workshop, he reveals everything he's learned to help others looking to start a new conulting business or grow an existing one.

What's covered:

  • How to quickly and effectively build a reputation, brand, and identity
  • How to land your first few clients
  • The most cost effective strategies for marketing your business, both online and in person
  • How to manage projects and when to build a team
  • How to consistently charge more and land bigger clients

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