Tons of Tips to Help Your Child Learn Better: A Program with Leigh Pretnar Cousins

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Location: Adrian Lamb Room

Tons of Tips to Help Your Child Learn Better

  • You want your child to have a successful school year; what, exactly, can you as a parent do?
  • How can your child get the most learning out of reading, studying, and extra help?
  • What strategies make homework as painless and beneficial as possible?

Please join Leigh Pretnar Cousins, master tutor, home school teacher and test prep coach, as she shares a large collection of specific tips, advice and insights you can apply at home, plus many valuable resources you should be aware of. There will also be time to talk about your questions and concerns.

This program is appropriate for parents of all-aged children, and will include information relevant to all learners, including special needs, gifted underachievers, and “average” students. There will be plenty of ideas for all situations!
For more information about Leigh, please visit her website at
If you’d like to make sure Leigh addresses your particular issue, please type her in advance at, or call her at 203-517-6177.