New Canaan Library

Interlibrary Loan Policy

The New Canaan Library recognizes that its collections can not satisfy every patron’s need
particularly in the areas of scholarly, research materials and out-of-print fiction titles.

Interlibrary Loan addresses these needs by borrowing materials from other libraries for
the patron, and bringing them to the New Canaan Library for use. In turn we lend our materials to
other libraries when their patrons have a need. Interlibrary Loan is available for adults and children.


• Materials are borrowed for Connecticut residents registered in their hometown library and
New York residents who have a New Canaan Library Card.

• Materials are requested first from Connecticut libraries and transported on the free
Connecticut State Library C-Car. Materials which are requested from out of state come by
U.S. Mail. Articles may also be received by fax or email. Priority mail or Federal Express
are available at the patron’s expense if the lending library agrees.

• All charges for books are paid by the New Canaan Library. Every attempt is made to borrow
from libraries that do not charge for loans. Patrons must pay ten cents a page for photocopies
of articles.

• If materials requested on the ILL are for new items, or items that have been lost to the
collection, they may be purchased and placed in the collection instead of using Ill. Additional
copies of books for book groups are also purchased when available.


• The New Canaan Library lends books, audiobooks, and nonfiction videos/dvds to any library
in the United States. Feature videos/dvds and new books are not loaned because of the length
of time they would be out of the library and unavailable to our own patrons. CDs are not
loaned because of the fragile packaging. Photocopies of articles and newspaper clippings and
pages from books are send to libraries on request.

• Libraries are not charged for these loans or photocopies.

• Materials are sent through the Connecticut State Library C-Car system, faxed, emailed or
mailed by U.S. Mail using the Library Rate. Borrowing libraries and their patrons are
responsible for any charges for Priority Mail or Federal Express.


Approved by the Board of Trustees, June 10, 2003