New CanaanLibrary Circulation Policies



Library Cards


New Canaan Residents

  • Must show proof of residency—valid CT driver’s license or other photo ID plus a utility bill, lease agreement, insurance card or statement with New Canaan address.
  • Must verify residency again at time of renewal.
  • Card valid for three years.


People Working In New Canaan, Living Out Of State

  • Verify employment with employee ID or pay stub and letter from employer on employer letterhead or call employer by phone.
  • Card to be used only by the applicant only at the New Canaan Library.
  • Card valid for one year.


Caregivers Living In New Canaan Homes

  • Verify with call to employer plus proof of ID (driver’s license, passport, or letter from employment agency).
  • Card valid for one year.


Out of State Residents

  • Fee of $110 annually.
  • Card for New Canaan Library only.
  • Family membership.
  • Card valid for one year


Out-of-State Residents Owning Property In New Canaan

  • Must show valid ID plus tax bill from New Canaan.
  • Card valid for three years.


All Other Patrons Living In CT, But Not In New Canaan

(This is the Connecticard Program)

  • Must use a valid library card from the town they live in.
  • Must verify home residency with appropriate ID.
  • Expiration date assigned by issuing library.


Patrons Living In Temporary Housing

·Must show valid ID and letter from temporary residence.

  • Card valid for three months.


Renewal of Library Card

  • Card may be renewed any time during the month it expires
  • Must show appropriate ID and proof of residency.
  • All fines and bills for replacements must be paid or items returned and late charges paid before card is renewed.


Lost Cards, replacement of

  • Must provide ID and residency verification.
  • $1.00 replacement fee.
  • Patron must pay outstanding fines and bills.
  • Patron responsible for any and all use of his card until reported lost.
  • Card valid for three years from the date of replacement.


Damaged or Worn Cards

  • Replaced free of charge.




Borrowing Policies


  • Patron responsible for all use made of card.
  •  In the case of out-of-state residents the applicant is responsible.
  • No third-party checkouts without a card.
  • Patrons who wish to check-out materials without a library card must show ID.
  • No limits on total number of item that may be borrowed.  There may be limits within certain categories or within certain departments.


Reserve Books
  • Patron may reserve any item that is currently checked-out or on order.
  • Books will be held for two days after notification.
  • DVDs and videos will be held one day after notification.



Circulation Periods
  • All books, periodicals, pamphlets, CDs, and audiobooks, circulate for three weeks.
  • Adult and Children’s feature DVDs circulate for three days.
  • Adult and Children’s non-feature DVDs circulate for one week.
  • Adult Series DVDs circulate for one week.
  • Adult and Children’s videos circulate for one week.
  • Museum passes circulate for two days.
  • CD-ROMs circulate for one week.
  • Reference books do not circulate.
  • Current issue of magazines does not circulate.
  • Teachers may borrow books for six weeks but can not renew these items. 



  • Materials may be renewed two times or until a hold has been placed on the item by another patron.
  • Items may be renewed in person, by phone, or on-line.
  • Library material taken on six-week teacher loan may not be renewed.
  • Inter-library loan materials may be renewed through Reference, depending on the lending library’s policies.


Overdue Charges


Books, magazines, books on tape, books on CD, music CDs – $.10/day, $5.00 maximum


Videos & DVDs – $1.00/day, $14.00 maximum



Books, magazines, books on tape, books on CD, music CDs – $.20/day, $15.00 maximum


Videotapes and documentary/instructional, series DVDs – $2.00/day, $14.00 maximum


DVDs of feature films – $2.00/day, $14.00 maximum





Replacement Costs

(if price is not in the price field of the record)





J Fiction - $16.95

Fiction - $25.00

J Nonfiction – see children’s librarian

Nonfiction – list price

JE - $14.95

Magazine – cover price or $5.00

JPC - $16.95

Abridged BOT - $10.00

JPB - $4.50

Unabridged BOT - $50.00

J Periodical – cover price of $2.50

BOT single tape - $9.00

J Cassette - $12.95

BOT Case - $10.00

J Cassette Case - $5.00

BOCD – see Cynde

J CD - $16.95

BOCD single disc - $10.00

J BOT – see children’s librarian

BOCD case - $10.00

J BOT Case - $10.00

Video Case - $5.00

J BOT Single tape - $9.00

CD Jewel Case - $5.00

J BOCD – see children’s librarian

CD - $18.00

J BOCD Case - $10.00

CD Booklet - $3.00

J BOCD Single disc - $9.00

ILL Barcode - $3.00

J Read-a-long - $15.95

DVDCase - $6.00

J Read-a-long bag - $2.00

Play away Case  -$5.00

J Bag of books canvas bag - $25.00

Play away Lanyard  $1.00

J Bag of books luggage tag - $5.00


J Read-along small booklet - $2.00




Bills For Replacement  Of  Lost Or Damaged Items

  • If an item is paid for, the fines will be dropped.
  • If a paid-for-item is found within three months of payment, the patron will be issued a refund.






  • A courtesy notice is emailed 3 days before an item is due (3 day loan items are excluded)
  • A first overdue notice is sent three weeks after an item is due
  • Fine notices are sent three weeks after the due date for fines over $15.00.
  • Bill notices are sent six weeks after the due date, after Circulation staff verifies the items are not on the shelf.
  • If billed items are still out to a patron two weeks after the last notice, a hold is placed on the items followed by a phone call reminding the patron to return these items. If the patron cannot be reached by phone after 2 attempts, we will contact them by email or U.S. mail requesting the items be returned or the cost to replace be paid.


Approved by the Board of Trustees September 2009

January 2011 revision--Board Approval Pending