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When does the program start and end?

SLERP begins at 12:01AM on Monday, June 24th and ends at 11:59PM on Wednesday, August 14th.


Who can participate?

Anyone who will be in grades 7-12 (or the homeschool equivalent) may participate. You do not need to be a New Canaan resident.


What can I read?

Just about anything! Novels, magazines, newspapers, graphic novels, manga, nonfiction, visual novels, fanfiction, and articles or blog posts online all count. Time spent on Facebook does not count.


What kinds of SLERP events will be happening at the library?

Each week we will have a different program, right here, at the library.  SLERP participants are encouraged to attend movie screenings, game night, digital scavenger hunt, our final wrap-up party (library lock-in!) and more!  Each event awards SLERP participants additional points towards prizes!


Should I log what I did every day or wait until I've finished what I'm reading?

We'd prefer it if you log things when you finish them instead of as you go. So if it took you three hours over three days to read a book, wait until you've finished it and do one log entry rather than three (one each day). If you decide to quit a book partway through, you can log the minutes it took you to get as far as you did.


How will I know when I've won a prize?

When you've won a prize, whether it's a guaranteed prize or a raffle prize, you'll receive a notification on your personal SLERP page.  Once you pick up your prize, this notification will disappear. 


Where do I pick up my prizes?

You may pick up your prizes at the information desk at the library.


What if I'm going to be gone for part of the summer?

If you're going to be away for part of the summer and you'll have Internet access wherever you are, keep logging your reading on the library's website. If you're going to be without Internet, keep track of your reading using pencil and paper and then log it all on the library's website when you get home. We'll hang on to your prizes until the SLERP wrap-up party on August 18th.


Can I read the same book over and over?

No, but nice try. You can re-read books you've read before, but you may only log a specific book once during the summer.


What if I need help finding something to read?

Our librarians are always happy to help you find something you'll like! You can stop in at the information desk whenever we're open for help. You can also check out our lists of recommended reads for teens. If you want personalized recommendations, let Mallory, the Teen Services Librarian, know.


What if I have other questions?

Email Mallory, the Teen Services Librarian, or ask us on Facebook or Tumblr.